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TableTop Bonanza: A Guide To Some Of Top Trumps Odder Cards And Spinoffs

Top Trumps is a game that celebrates the versatility of fandom.

From popular comic book franchises to your favourite TV shows, right through to the wonders of the natural and man-made world, Top Trumps seems to have it all. Fans of geek culture will always find something to enjoy when it comes to Top Trump collections. Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC and The Big Bang Theory all have various collections devoted to them. Heck even One Direction have their own Trumps! Along with this plethora of diversity comes a lot of oddness. Some Top Trump card sets seem slightly out of place, while others seem down and out bonkers. Let’s look at some of the weirder selections that Top Trumps have offered up in the past, as well as some of the copycat card series that, in some cases, can get even stranger.

Top Trumps Originals

The brand that introduced stats to youngest are the Top Trump cards. Starting in 1968 and still going strong, they have a keen eye on what the general public want and focus on adapting pretty much everything for their game sets. This can be seen in the different styles of packs for sale, especially the 3D ones which give you a CD-ROM to use while playing the game, giving an extra element to the game play. Below is a selection of some of the more quirky examples that tickle Grizzly Bomb’s fancy. Some of the more interesting sets of Top Trumps come from the company’s choice of TV and film franchises. Star Wars we can understand but Breaking Bad cards are certainly a shock. Like The Simpsons? Well how about a set dedicated to showing them playing various sports? Yes they are all here in this collection.

Unofficial Trumps

The Unofficial Trumps collections tend to find a niche that Top Trumps has some how missed (or chosen to ignore). Wonders of the world still frequently pop up, but so do the wonders of the human body, most notably hair. Lots of hair in fact. But if you ever wondered what would win between a mullet and a moustache then you can get your answer right here! Some of these sets are incredibly inventive (like the Lurid Trumps covered in the last edition of Homemade Horror), some are quite disgusting, and some are just plain shocking. It seems no part of our society is safe from been transformed into numbers and power settings.

Top Trumps will no doubt continue turning every facet of our lives into shiny categorized cards. For card game fans like myself it’s great news, because each new selection gives us more cards to collect and play. For more card based games look at the Grizzly Bomb reviews for Sopio and Love Letter, or if you prefer your games of the board variety then have a look at our collection of some of the weirder games that have been released.

Images: Top, Trumps, Hawkins Bizarre, University Games, Gentlemen’s Club, Kittenwar, Powertache, Veggie Trumps, Crap Trumps, Gods and Monsters, Jam, Country Trumps, Top Drunks, Added Entertainment, James Cahill and Mikkel Sommer, Dr Hai, Meaty Trumps, Kulturmeister.

Family Guy Meets The Simpsons: Greatest Team Up Since ‘The Avengers’?

In news that will blow the minds of animation fans everywhere, Fox has decided to merge two of its most popular animation shows for one incredible episode. Yes, the Griffin family are going to come head to head with the Simpsons (thanks to Collider for the info). This merging of shows might be due to another one of their popular animation shows American Dad moving on to TBS (scheduled for 2014), and they may be feeling the loss of this show very soon. What better way could there be to ease the pain of this loss and get the ratings up, then having this incredible meeting of the world’s most famous cartoon families. Scheduled for next fall and called The Simpsons Guy, below is a brief rundown of the plot:

family guy meets simpsons the simpsons

[box_dark]Peter (Seth MacFarlane) and the Griffins get out of dodge and end up in Springfield, where they are greeted by a friendly stranger named Homer Simpson (guest voice Dan Castellaneta), who welcomes his new “albino” friends with open arms. The families get along famously: Stewie (MacFarlane) becomes obsessed with Bart (guest voice Nancy Cartwright) and his old-fashioned pranks; Lisa (guest voice Yeardley Smith) takes Meg (Mila Kunis) under her wing and is determined to find something – anything – at which she excels; Marge (guest voice Julie Kavner) and Lois (Alex Borstein) ditch housework for a little bonding; and Peter and Homer fight over the best beer in town – Pawtucket vs Duff.[/box_dark]

I have to be honest, I never saw this coming myself even with both shows airing on the same network. It’s great that the cast from The Simpsons were up for this, with all the original voice actors playing their parts. As it is set in Springfield, we must see some more of the residents popping up throughout this episode. The interesting thing for me is what tone will the episode have? Both shows feature quirky families and have a heart and moral message in most of their episodes, but they go about them a very different way. Will the shocking humor of Family Guy manage to gel with the more restrained comedy of The Simpsons? What animation style will they be using as both have distinctive art for their shows? This sounds like incredible news and hopefully this will not be the last encounter between the two families.

family guy meets simpsons family guy

What do you think of the meeting between these two TV families? Sound off in the comments section below!

Universal Studios to Open ‘The Simpsons’ Area with Working Moe’s Tavern!

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida just got even more amazing with the inclusion of a new Simpson area. Moe’s Tavern opened on June the 1st and is a working pub where you can purchase your very own Flaming Moe’s. Not only that you can buy a Krusty Burger, Cletus Chicken and pizza from Luigi’s pizza all from The Simpsons Fast Food Blvd.

The Simpsons Universal Studios

This is just the first part of numerous Simpson related rides and attractions, a few of which we have images of here. For more information as it arrives check out the Universal Orlando website to see how the expansion is going. Here is the concept art for the theme park.

simpsons area concept 1

simpsons area concept 2

The estimated opening for all the areas is June 2014 so if you are a Simpsons fan and you have the money then set this date in your diary. Some of the more cynical readers will no doubt think this is just a not-so-subtle ploy to sell more Simpsons tat  (and for the most part they would be right)[Note – tat: British English informal, things that are cheap and badly made], but the detail on everything looks so incredible that most Simpsons fans will be off like a rocket to see all that Universal has to offer. Heck, I am saving up right now and I live in the UK so I am guessing come June next year this place will be heaving with fans from far and wide. To keep you going until opening, here is a gallery of the up and coming attractions so you can see how great it looks. As you can see no expense has been spared in bringing Springfield to life.

The Simpsons Universal Studios
Moe’s Tavern
The Simpsons Universal Studios
Moe’s Tavern Love Tester
The Simpsons Fast Food Blvd at Universal Studios Florida
Krusty Burger
The Simpson Universal Studios
Krusty Burger
The Simpsons Fast Food Blvd at Universal Studios Florida.
Cletus’ Chicken Shack
The Simpsons Fast Food Blvd at Universal Studios Florida.
The Android Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop
The Simpsons Universal Studios
The Frying Dutchman
Universal Studios Florida The Simpsons
The Simpsons Ride Krustyland


The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida
Krustyland map
The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida
Captain Dinosaur’s Pirate Rip-Off
The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida.
Stagecoach Stampede

The Simpson

‘Game of Thrones’ Parody on ‘The Simpsons’ Made Our Faces Melt

The Simpsons has a long-standing tradition of great opening sequences, and last night’s did not disappoint.  Instead of the normal introduction and clever couch gags, we are taken straight into a spoof of the opening sequence from HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Instead of the lands and kingdoms in the HBO series, we are taken on an animated journey through Springfield; from Evergreen Terrace to “Burns Landing.”  This is the point where you get so excited from the sheer combination of hilarity and awesomeness that you do an involuntary fist pump, and then your head explodes. Here at Grizzly Bomb, we are pretty unanimously huge fans of both The Simpsons and Game of Thrones.  I can’t explain why, but Game of Thrones has one of the best opening sequences of any show out there.  I think the music and the 3D map brings out the nerd in us.  It’s so iconic and unique, that it made total sense for The Simpsons to do their own spin on it.  Plus, I love it when Matt Groening and Co. give us something funny and topical in their parodies.  Though they may not stand the test of time (Game of Thrones may not mean much to us in 10 years), it is still one of my favorite opening sequences to date.

Without further ado, here is the video:

It will have to tide us over until April 1 when season 2 premieres.  I hope it includes more of Joffrey getting bitch-slapped.

‘The Simpsons’ Hit #500 and Other Such Springfield Related Nonsense…

Episode 500 Review: This episode has an epic couch gag mashing up every bit they have ever done.   A fake nuclear war has been cooked up to keep the Simpsons away while the town votes on whether to ban them from Springfield.  In a good amount of self referential fun, the family is displaced to the “Outlands” and gets to meet ultra-cool guest star, Julian Assange.

Recent episodes have contained a good amount of Easter eggs to longtime fans of the show.  The amount of property damages that Bart and Homer’s escapades have cost the town is shown with images from Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken and Brother’s Little Helper (seasons 10 and 11 respectively).  By the way, Sideshow Mel has become a great voice amongst the townspeople.  He’s always hilarious and pithy.

I love Maggie’s Mad Max outfit and Marge’s concerns over her new friends in the Outlands.  “Two babies enter, one baby leaves.”  Marge and Homer have some great scenes breaking back into Springfield and continue to prove themselves as the only reason I have any faith in marriage.

For quite some time, The Simpsons have been lambasted as having fallen off from the heydays of the 90’s.  Many former Simpsons sycophants feel the show is no longer considered amongst the television elites and want Groening and Co. to end its historic run.  Opinions like this could not be more sinful towards Bart, and most who sprout these rants are no longer watching the show.

The Simpsons has developed such a diverse cast of characters and utilizes Springfield as a microcosm of the world in such a way that another 500 episodes should not be viewed as improbable, but rather desirous.  I will concede that the show does not write “touching” episodes as often as it did in its apex.  And it was in those “touching” episodes, where satire and sentiment perfectly fuse, that some of my favorite moments occurred (see Bart Sells His Soul and Mother Simpson, both season 7). But, since the show went HD (in season 20), it has been consistently creative and still delivers on the laughs. I entreat you, do not turn your back on the Church of Bart but return to the flock.

Favorite lines:

“You want I should spray some of my Jerk Off on you.”

“Manning up, manning up.  Ohhhh. Girling down, girling down.”

“You can’t leave society!  Humanity is on an inexorable upward march.  Or, at least was, until the year 2000.”

4 out of 5 bears 

And now for some The Simpsons news…

Continue reading ‘The Simpsons’ Hit #500 and Other Such Springfield Related Nonsense…

Friday the 13th: All of Jason Voorhees’ Kills in Just 2 Minutes!

So here we are again – Friday the 13th. And for most people whose brains are as riddled with graphic violence as mine is, that screams Jason Voorhees.  With 32 credits on his IMDb page since 1980, it’s easy to see how he’s become a big part of popular culture. Jason is one of the most recognizable genre characters of all time, which is why we’ve seen him pop in other mediums. From Robot Chicken, The Simpsons and Family Guy, to The Arsenio Hall Show.

Outside of television, we’ve also seen him appear live to promote upcoming movies, like this weigh-in with Freddy before their 2003 co-starring venture. The undisputed horror icons of the 1980s, Jason and Freddy, still battling it out in the new millennium.

The internet has certainly had a field day at the expense of the masked killer too. Mash-up videos and the such, are littered across YouTube…

But the reason we watch is for the ridiculous kills, so the best videos out there are the ones that let you run through the whole pantheon of Jason-inflicted violence in just a couple of minutes.

And a bonus, from the National Post, an info-graphic on all of Jason’s adventures!



Images: Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, FOX, National Post, CBS

The Griz Bin – Emma Frost’s Boobs, Superhero Weaknesses, and Awesome Cosplay

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Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ Heading to Showtime

Stephen King and Steven Spielberg teamed up awhile back to bring King’s Under the Dome story to a TV network for a limited series. Now that story has found a home on Showtime, which is really for the best because now they can do anything they want without being constrained by the rules of network television. The story of Under The Dome may sound a little dumb because the same sort of thing happened in the Simpsons Movie, but I’m sure that King was writing his book before the Simpsons Movie was released… hopefully.


Basically there is a small town in Maine where a force field dome of unknown origin covers the town, sealing them off from the outside world. What happens next is a deterioration of relationships between the townsfolk as they break up into warring factions. I’d classify the story as an extended version of the King short story The Mist where townsfolk slowly begin to turn on one another, stuck inside a supermarket due to the horrible monsters lurking in the unnatural mists outside. The threat is a lot different in this book, but the concept is basically the same, showing how malicious ordinary people can be in dire circumstances when there is no order.

By the way, I would never want to live in Maine if all of King’s books were real, there is some jacked up $hit that happens in that state, especially in the small towns. To me, the ending reveal of exactly what is causing the dome was awesome. Some may find it foolish, but it all depends on what you like from a King book, whether it be supernatural, extra terrestrial or governmental. Either way I think the series will be excellent on Showtime and can’t wait to hear about casting when it starts.

A Very Grizzly Bomb Father’s Day: Our Best TV Dads!

Here at Grizzly Bomb we wanted to do a little something for Father’s Day, and we’ve decided to share our favorite TV Dads, and what makes them great.


Brian Kronner – Dan Conner

TV Dads

Can you get more of a All-American Man’s Man of a father than Dan Conner? For more than 200 episodes John Goodman portrayed the father of 3 and husband to a wife, that at times was completely insufferable. This beer-swilling, football watching, handyman was more than just a comedic opposite to Roseanne, but the emotional anchor that grounded the show in reality. You know, at least until they won to lotto and killed him off and all. But he wasn’t the pansy-ass modern dads we see now, where every episode ends with him talking things out and teaching a valuable life lesson. Sure, we got that stuff too, but Dan also yelled and disciplined his kids. He fought with his wife and worked on his car. They went through the recession in the 80’s with the rest of us, and Dan even had to deal with real world problems. But he so passionately felt for, and defended his kids, he just felt real to me. And I grew up watching him. They say that The Godfather is the dream of the Mafia, while Goodfellas is the truer representation. So for me, if Ward Clever was the dream, Dan Conner was the truth.


Stephen Sanchez – Archie Bunker

TV Dads

Womanizer? Check. Racist? Check. A little dumb? Check. Archie Bunker was all of those, but he was one hell of a father! He defended his wife when it called for it, sheltered his daughter and the meat-head when they didn’t have money to do so themselves. He was an all American you could be proud of when he wasn’t bashing equality for women, calling England a ‘fag country’ and ranking the world’s minorities by numbers.

Watch below to see a rare moment where Archie and his uber-liberal son in law have the slightest agreement. Seriously, a woman managing a baseball team? Blasphemy!

[/box_light] [box_dark]

 Mark Kaiser – Al Bundy

TV DadsThe greatest television dad of all time has to be the one and only Al Bundy. Week to week we were able to escape for 30 minutes to watch and laugh at lowly, cynical shoe salesman from Chicago try to survive a miserable existence far worse than our very own. Al’s life consisted of going to a crappy minimum wage job at shoe store whose clientèle only consisted of the thing he hated most – fat women.

Then going home to deal with an equally crappy family life. His wife Peggy preferred a life of couch sitting, Oprah watching, and Bon-Bon eating, and only contributed to the family debt with her shopping habits. His kids were equally as bad. Kelly a hot, promiscuous blonde who is as dumb as the day is long, and Bud – an unpopular loser, desperate to be cool but only destined to be a failure.

TV Dads The only real bright spot for Al is reliving his high school football days at Polk High whereTV Dads he score 4 TOUCHDOWNS IN A SINGLE GAME!!! The man embodied everything a true low-class, all American man should: a Do-it-Yourself mentality, love for his nudie magazine Big’uns, beer, bowling, strip clubs, and a white trash tv show named “Psycho Dad.” Al was even an activist leading his group NO’MAM to fight the increasing power women of the 90’s were gaining over society.

Watching this man struggle and survive his way through this miserable life he created for himself, made waking up and dealing with our lives just a little bit easier.

For that, Happy Father’s Day Al Bundy!

[/box_dark] [box_light]

Michelle Lynn – Dexter Morgan

TV Dads

Dexter Morgan is a complex character. He is a great blood spatter analyst, a great brother, and he’s great at… taking out the trash. I would like to take the opportunity to make note of something a little less talked about. Dexter Morgan is a great father. Not only a father, but also a stepfather. At a very young age, Dexter was witness to a most horrific event… his mother’s murder. It is only natural that Dex would want to get back at the world by catching his victims in his saran-wrap spiderweb. He tries to maintain relationships, and find ways to maintain his sanity. DEXTER SPOILERS AHEAD>>> 

TV DadsFortunately, upon meeting Rita, he became the father-figure to her two adorable children Astor and Cody. As an example of how great a father Dexter makes, he follows ‘the code of Harry‘, which is a set of rules his father put in place for him as a child to keep him in check. One of those rules was to never kill anyone who wasn’t a proven killer themselves. Dexter broke his life-long code to kill a man who was stalking Astor.

Another point I must make is when Dexter’s sponsor in ‘Narcotics Anonymous’, Lila Tournay, kidnaps Astor and Cody. Not only does Dexter save the children from a burning building, but he kills Lila after following her to Paris.

In season three, we learned that Rita was pregnant. Dexter proposes to her, after making sure that Astor and Cody are okay with the idea, and they are married. I thought that was one of the sweetest moments of the show. In season four, Rita gives birth to Harrison, Dexter’s first child. Sadly, at the end of the season, Dex finds Harrison in a pool of Rita’s blood on the bathroom floor. Rita had been murdered by the Trinity Killer. A turning point in Dexter’s personality, I feel, was when Rita was murdered. He not only blamed himself for her death, but his main concern immediately became the children. He realized that Harrison was put into the same situation as he himself had been born into (born in blood). And though Astor and Cody go to live with their grandparents, Dexter still remains in touch, and looks out for the 2 of them.

I think that for all of these reasons and more, Dexter is a great father.

It is one thing to be a good dad born with the ability to love and care unconditionally for someone. It is quite another to have to work that hard on relationships, and end with such an amazing result as his current relationships with Rita’s children and his own.

[/box_light] [box_dark]

Garrett Odzark – Randy Marsh

TV Dads

If I wrote my own dictionary I would have Randy Marsh’s name as the definition of two phrases, “Alpha Male” and “Family Man.” Randy Marsh is always there to add a little bit of intensity and bad attitude to any situation he sees it fit. While most parents go to little league games to watch their child’s poor attempt at swinging a baseball bat, Randy does not. Marsh goes with a beer in hand and with intentions of kicking the ass of any parent who is overly obnoxious. Randy is a take action kind of guy, and one who isn’t afraid to be a bit of an extremist at any time, whether its necessary or not. Whether he is rioting after Obama’s election, getting third degree served by a dance instructor in a purple jumpsuit, or rocking out to the newest “tween wave” music, Randy Marsh does it like a true family man.

[/box_dark] [box_light]

W. Adams – Homer Simpson

TV DadsHomer Simpson is one of my favorite television dads. He may not be a good dad all the time, whether he’s being neglectful of, or downright abusive towards his children, but the ends that he goes to provide a good life for his kids and his drive to ensure their happiness is unrivaled.

Homer has long ago thrown away his personal ambitions, to instead be the dad that the Simpson clan needs, giving up his dream job as a “pin monkey” to work in the nuclear power plant.

He also embodies the traditional American dad, taking cues from many of the other great TV dad’s on this list. Homer is as dumb as a brick, and a bit bipolar in his relationship with his family, but usually his overarching love for them wins out at the end of the day.

“You can’t depend on me all your life. You have to learn that there’s a little Homer Simpson in all of us”

[/box_light] [box_dark]

Eric Austria –  James Evans, Sr.

TV Dads James Evans from the 70s black sitcom “Good Times” fathered three kids – JJ, Thelma, Michael. Living in the ghetto of Chicago, James embodied the hardworking, protective, no-nonsense, earn your way father figure.

He commanded authority since he sounded like he was always pissed yet you knew he had the best intentions. Although he rarely showed affection this man was family first and foremost. Sometimes he’d crack a smile – every 5 or so episodes though.

John Amos

[/box_dark] [box_light]

Scott Fraser – Phil Dunphy

TV Dads

When Doc asked us to pick our favorite TV Dad I immediately thought of some of the classic TV dads who taught us morals, values, comedic timing..all that crap – incredibly useful information. Dads like Dr. Jason Seaver from Growing Pains, or what about the Dad from Blossom? Does Mr. Cooper from Hanging with Mr. Cooper count? But no, I couldn’t choose from the classics, despite all they have may have taught me throughout life. I have to give it to a relative newcomer, Mr. Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family.

Played to perfection by Ty Burrell, Dunphy is the Dad who is desperately trying to be the ‘Cool Dad’, and more often than not he feels pretty successful at it. Despite thinking WTF stands for ‘Why the Face’. He is a good husband, knowing how to fix almost any problem HE creates with his wife or children, except when he makes grandstanding promises, like promising to take the kids to Disneyland because he messed up on Christmas.

But it’s the moments he lets it all go and brings out the kid deep inside of him, like when he spends some Father-Son time with his boy Luke, and they hunt for treasure. Facing a few crippling fears and inspiring moments with his son later, and your left feeling like with Phil Dunphy as your Dad. You can get through anything in your life with him in it, because he is most likely going through the same thing at the same time.

“My boy was in trouble. So I put my fears aside and came to his rescue. Does that make me a hero? Yes, it does.”

[/box_light] [box_dark]

B. Kronner – Red Forman

TV DadsAnd just because we can’t leave him off the list, I’d be remiss not to mention Red. He was, for me, the best part of That 70’s Show. I mean come on, he was Clarence J. Boddicker for crying out loud! This man is how I imagine my Grandfather being (Though I doubt Ed Kronner was ever a little bitch like Eric Forman) back in the 70’s and I love it. But he wasn’t just great because he called Eric a dumbass all the time, but because when they needed him, he was a father to the whole crew. He was stern and scary, but he wasn’t about to let anything happen to those kids that he didn’t initiate. When Hyde was in trouble, Red took him in. When Kelso and Fez needed a kick in the ass, Red delivered it. And when the gang needed some to look out for them, to stick their neck out, even though he didn’t have to, Red was there. He was the strongest part of a show that ran its course and held on too long, and I think it was allowed to do so because of Red.

“Son. You don’t have bad luck. Bad things happen to you because you’re a dumbass.”


^^^ Pretty sure that’s my Dad’s philosophy too.^^^

Happy Father’s Day Pop!

And there you have it, some of our favorite TV Dads. Who is yours?