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Spider-Man Reboot Lands Writing Duo, Hilarity To Follow?

Could we finally see a funny Spidey in the MCU? And can it be sooner rather than later?

I know, I know, we all were hoping to see some sort of Spidey tease in Ant-Man, despite knowing there was no way that would happen. That just goes to show how intensely excited we are to see Spidey finally arrive in the MCU. We’ve had a few big announcements about the upcoming reboot, not the least of which was the casting of Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker following an intense search by the studios. Continue reading Spider-Man Reboot Lands Writing Duo, Hilarity To Follow?

PlayStation Experience 2014: Ten Trailers We Had A Nerdgasm Over

December 6, 2014 will go forever be remembered by Sony PlayStation fans for several reasons. Sony celebrated 20 years of gaming excellence on their behalf by putting on the inaugural PlayStation Experience event. The first official day started off with an extensive press/fan conference that featured exciting bits of gamer trailers and so much more. Never mind the disappointing moments (that Final Fantasy VII PS4 reveal felt like the biggest troll announcement ever…), because we’re going to showcase the top 10 gameplay trailers that made their debut.

10. LittleBigPlanet 3

This nod to the long spanning past and present of the PlayStation brand was incredible. The PlayStation Experience audience no doubt got nostalgia chills as they watched Sackboy reenact the best moments from PlayStation’s biggest games. We spotted some of our favorites here, like Twisted Metal, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and more.  We’re hoping those levels spotted in this trailer are up for download soon…

9. Drawn to Death

David Jaffe’s name is attached to two of Sony’s biggest original IP’s – Twisted Metal and God of War. So when he finally hit the stage during the final moments of the PlayStation Experience live stream, we got excited. His newest project was revealed to be Drawn to Death, a third-person multiplayer shooter that sports the visuals seen in school book doodle drawings. We have a new favorite character because of this gameplay trailer reveal – Dodgeball Dan.

8. Until Dawn

You’ve probably guessed by now that some of us here enjoy a good slash ’em up horror film or two. The PS4 exclusive Until Dawn replicates the slasher film experience perfectly as evidenced by this new dose of gameplay. You’ll have to make tough decisions as you avoid death at every turn. You’ll need to keep your teenage survivors safe since they’re capable of dying for good. We can’t wait to act out our Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book fantasies with this game in 2015.

7. Yakuza 5

Sega made a bold proclamation during the PlayStation Experience live stream event – Yakuza 5 will be arriving on the PS3 in 2015! Our hype levels went through the roof once that announcement was made! There’s no need for us to be jealous of Japanese gamers any longer. The localization for this open-world hit has been a long time coming. We’re finally getting the 5th main entry in the best video game adaptation of Chinese Mafia living…ever.

6. The Order: 1886

FINALLY! Some extended gameplay for this fresh PS4 IP was on the top of our list of the trailers we wanted to see during the Playstation Experience. The Order: 1886 just got put back on our list of most anticipated games for 2015. The cover-based gameplay, cinematic graphical presentation, interesting plot premise and terrifying beasts got us even more excited to enter this game’s dark world.

5. Batman: Arkham Knight

We knew we were going to have to pick our jaws up off the floor once this trailer came to a close. Batman: Arkham Knight will take away so many countless hours from our lives upon release. This new gameplay trailer showed off the Batmobile’s puzzle integration, Batman’s new combat skills and an explosive gunfight between the Batmobile and a helicopter. Just like those bums The Dark Knight laid out, that helicopter didn’t even have a chance…

4. Bloodborne

Wow…just wow. From Software adopted the punishing yet addictive nature of its Dark Souls series, placed it all within a gothic horror backdrop and made the combat just that much quicker and bloodier. The result? Bloodborne. The new trailer on display for the upcoming action RPG featured some intense battles that featured well-equipped co-op partners. The mentioning of a playable, never-ending dungeon got us pretty hyped for this one.

3. No Man’s Sky

So Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is big. Like, really friggin’ ginormous. Want proof? Take a gander at all the different planets you’ll come upon as you explore this game’s massive universe. The sci-fi nut inside of us felt so much shock and awe at the sight of all the different looking landscapes we could explore. This game is innovative and we can’t wait to test out its fresh take on planetary exploration in 2015.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

We knew we were going to see some sort of trailer alluding to the continued development of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. We just weren’t expecting to watch a 15-minute long live demo of it. As far as video game press conferences go, this intro was one of the best. Watching Nathan Drake run, jump shoot, sneak and grapple looked amazing in motion. That new grappling hook mechanic was cool as all hell. Ignore the Drake death glitch and enjoy the gameplay!

1. Street Fighter V

Yeah, we totally saw the leaked trailer for this huge reveal. But the official PlayStation Experience reveal was nothing short of mesmerizing. The next-gen overhauls of Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li were incredible to watch during this extended fight scene. We came away from this demonstration thoroughly impressed. The flashy air combos, environmental interaction and powerful new moves has us ready for the next generation of Street Fighter.

 Images: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Bloodborne: Sony Pushed Release Date Back

Arguably Sony’s biggest exclusive IP slated to hit the PS4 in 2015, Bloodborne has been raking in excitement and anticipation the last few months, but Wednesday, developer From Software announced that the upcoming action RPG will be pushed over a month from its original February 6, 2015 release date to March 24.

From Software will use the additional seven weeks to push the game even harder, and producer Masaaki Yamagiwa promises that the final product will benefit from the feedback of their alpha gameplay experiment that took place in October:

Dear community,
It is with regret that I must inform you that Bloodborne will be slightly delayed.
While development continues unabated, we would like our team to deliver the best possible final experience. We were gratified by the feedback and data we received from those who participated in our limited Alpha test. The extra production time will also allow us to better integrate these learnings.
Bloodborne is now set to launch in North America exclusively on PS4 on March 24th, 2015.
Please look forward to some exciting Bloodborne news in early December. Thank you very much for your continued support.

It seems to us that reception to the alpha was generally positive, with Demon’s/Dark Souls vets praising the new setting of Yarnham and some of the IP’s newest refinements to the combat system. We were not able to take part in the alpha, but the footage we’ve seen of the demo shows a very polished-looking game – Even in this early stage, the game looks like it performs better than all three Souls games, which, despite glowing reviews, are burdened with frame rate issues of varying proportions.

Our guess is that From Software is focusing this extra time on Bloodborne‘s online gameplay, which is still relatively under wraps. Alpha testers got to test out co-op, which operates seemingly exactly the same as it does in the Dark Souls series, but player-vs-player combat was noticeably absent from the demo. The online aspect of Bloodborne‘s sister titles is one of their most unique elements, and veterans of the previous games will certainly want to dive headlong into PVP once the game hits store shelves. Network issues and online balancing is a nefarious thing to calibrate, and usually doesn’t get tweaked and perfected until launch (and these days, frequently not until after then), so it would make sense that From Software’s looking at user data from the alpha to tighten their infrastructure before launch.

All signs point to Bloodborne being a major success for the PS4, and both Sony and From Software are going to do everything in their power to make sure the game is as good as possible. If that takes seven extra weeks of development, so be it – Yarnham is still one of the most enticing new worlds to explore (and die in) in the coming year.

Bloodborne launches March 24, 2015 on PS4.

Images: From Software

SDCC 2013: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Panel, & All the News from Comic-Con!

Starting off this years Comic Con strong, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released a short teaser that brought us our first footage of Jamie Foxx as Electro. This whet the appetite of fans, until the actual Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel on Fri, in which a ton of new information was teased, including some new footage shown.

We’ll cover some of the news, descriptions of the footage, and discussions with the cast about the film today. We’ll try to move through quickly so try and keep up! First up…

SuperHeroHype had the opportunity to speak with Marc Webb before Friday’s panel, and covered a ton of information. We’ll include some highlights below with the rest at the link.

Here’s Webb discussing Electro as the villain of the film, and some of the new supporting cast who are guaranteed to make some big splashes:

[box_dark]Jamie Foxx as Electro …Electro to me was somebody I was always curious about, because he’s inherently cinematic, or has that potential, not in the comics necessarily but some of the ones I really love, he has that quality. There is something terrifying and God-like about Electro. He is elemental in the way that Poseidon or Zeus is—you feel a sense of bigness about him. He’s somebody who just his touch has the power of a thousand third rails and will obliterate anybody near him. I think it’s incredibly exciting to play with that kind of power. Spider-Man’s greatest weapon is that web and when he shoots a web at Electro, there’s a current and webs are conductive and that’s going to pose some real issues for Spider-Man so I thought that was a really fun villain to unleash on New York and on Spider-Man.

SHH: You also bring in Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan as the Osborns, Norman and Harry, who play such a big part in the Spider-Man mythos. Can you talk about casting those guys and bringing them in? I’m also curious about working with Avi, Matt and Sony to decide who to introduce this time?

Webb: We talk to a lot of people. Like casting Emma Stone, you want to find a chemistry that works between the actors and I think there was a very cool interesting dynamic that developed between Dane and Andrew. Harry and Peter need to have an ease about them. Our conceit is that they were friends from when they were much younger and in order for that to work, you need a sense that there’s a history there and there’s a real great depth to their relationship. They’re sort of like brothers in a way and that’s really palpable. Dane’s a really funny guy, he’s a very funny actor and I think people will start to appreciate that. It’s also exciting for me to find people who aren’t over-exposed, like Andrew with the first movie. Dane I think is somebody that the world is starting to discover just how wonderful an actor he is, how great his look is, how dimensional his performances are. That was a really fun thing to play with. Then Chris Cooper is a genius, he’s an icon, and when you’re talking about Norman Osborn, who is somebody whose presence is known far outside the Spider-Man fans. Everybody knows who Norman Osborn is. You want to feel that. In the first movie, we tried to create an enigma around that and to find an actor that can withstand and support that was tricky, and luckily, Chris agreed to come on board and live out that role.[/box_dark]

Now let’s move on to the panel itself, which premiered the first footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which /Film was lucky enough to see:

[box_dark]During today’s Comic-Con panel at Hall H, Sony showed off a reel — essentially a trailer — from Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The video was a rough one, with incomplete effects and a couple of storyboards, but it was enough to offer us a good sense of the movie. And what we saw was pretty fantastic. Hit the jump for the full description.

The video opens with a shot of New York City streets. A large truck barrels through several cars, prompting the cops to get on the case. We then get our first glimpse at Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), riding on top of one of the cop cars.

The Spidey of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a more confident, content Spidey than we saw in the previous film. We hear him in a voiceover: “You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything.” He chases a tattooed gangster (Paul Giamatti) who’s driving a truck, and manages to beat him up without much trouble.

Spider-Man and Max Dillon in Amazing Spider-Man 2

But that doesn’t mean everything’s smooth sailing. We see a scene of Peter arguing with Aunt May (Sally Field) over, of all things, laundry. Or that’s the superficial subject; at heart is Peter’s need to protect his identity. “Last time you did it, you turned everything blue and red,” she scolds. Peter covers up by explaining that he’d been washing his flag, to which she protests, “No one washes their flag.”

Spider-Man’s first encounter with Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) comes shortly afterward. Spidey saves the rather pathetic-looking Oscorp employee from a disaster (seemingly during the chase with Giamatti’s Rhino), brushes him off, fixes his combover, and asks him to be his “eyes and ears.”

The incident leaves Max starstruck, and he’s seen shortly thereafter gushing to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in an elevator about how great it must be to be Spider-Man. “It must be pretty cool to have the whole world see you like that,” he gushes. “I wish I was like him. The amazing Spider-Man.”[/box_dark]

Check out the link for the rest of the trailer footage, which shows more of the Rhino, Pete and Gwen’s relationship, Harry and Norman Osborn, and more from Electro. We can’t wait to see this finished footage released.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Banner

Moving on to another quick villain tease from Marc Webb, which is quite a unique pull from an obscure Spidey novel. So while obscure, it gives a nice little nod to the possibility of the Sinister Six appearing, from SHH:

“What about The Gentleman? Think about the Gentleman,” he said. “I’m just saying. Put that in your… There’s your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.”

SHH goes on to explain:

[box_dark]The Gentleman first appeared in the novel Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six, in which he forms the Sinister Six as a way to destroy Peter. According to the canon of the novel, Peter’s parents had something to do with the death of The Gentleman’s brother and he creates the group to kill Spider-Man.[/box_dark]

Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six are Spidey’s main team of villains, and the prospect of their appearance on the big screen is crazy. However, with two more sequels planned after The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it certainly offers a large timetable to properly introduce all the necessary characters to actually pull this off.

Now, for even more interviews, check out Collider’s huge discussion on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx, and more. Lot of great information there and we haven’t even talked about the panel yet.

You can watch the whole panel below, without any of the footage of course:

Good panel, the costume looks good. Still looking forward to this film, so nothing’s changed. Can’t wait for the trailer.

Check out more from Comic Con here!


SDCC 2013: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Teaser Trailer Featuring Electro!

SDCC 2013 is getting started down in beautiful California, and Sony is already taking the lead with a brand new teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! This is the first official teaser, and it’s setting up further reveals to come from Hall H on Friday when Sony hosts the panel for the Marc Webb directed sequel.

Why am I still talking? Let’s take a look and a listen as we hear Jamie Foxx speaking as Electro for the first time!

Looks, and sounds, pretty amazing. Leaves us wondering just who exactly he is talking too, but at least we get to hear him call himself Electro. Rarely does a super-villain coin his own name, especially in a Spider-Man movie. Jameson named all the villains except Venom in the original trilogy, so it’s nice to see that part of the comic world making its presence known in the film.

All in all, the teaser looks pretty cool, and gets us pretty excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel on Fri.

Keep it locked here for all the SDCC 2013 news you can handle!

Square Enix to bring Kingdom Hearts back to Playstation

Excuse me as I have the biggest fangirl moment you’ve seen in a while…

Kingdom Hearts

What could cause such a reaction? Well it’s only a game announced at Sony’s E3 press conference that has been a long time coming. “Oh. All this over a game?”, you might say and I’d be inclined to agree except I. Love. This. Game. What game? It’s none other than Disney’s Kingdom Hearts.

When the first Kingdom Hearts came out in 2002, I only picked it up because I’m a fan of Disney characters. I hadn’t really played much of the Final Fantasy series so that aspect of it meant nothing to me. However, within a couple of hours of gameplay, I was hooked. It’s not often I’ll play through a game more than once, and it is rare that I’ll do it more than twice. I have played through that first Kingdom Hearts game at least ten times. Then 2005 rolled around and Kingdom Hearts 2 came out. Back then I thought I’d waited an eternity for that second game. Little did I know that I’d be halfway to my grave before the third full game was announced. Sure there have been quite a few small games released, mostly for Nintendo handhelds, but they haven’t captured the greatness that is the full-blown console version.

Thankfully, it seems as if my wait is finally over…

That’s right, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally going to be released! Not only that, but Square Enix is putting together the first few games of Kingdom Hearts and re-releasing them for the PS3 in September. NOT ONLY THAT but if you preorder you will get a limited edition artbook.

[quote]How about 24 pages of behind-the-scenes imagery like character renders, promotional artwork and concept artwork from various Disney worlds from previous KINGDOM HEARTS titles like the original KINGDOM HEARTS, KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories, and KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days. — Square Enix[/quote]

I didn’t really need another reason to preorder, but I’m a sucker for behind the scenes stuff and my bookshelf is missing a Kingdom Hearts book.

So if you were looking for a reason to justify purchasing the Playstation4, you’ve got one now. Lest you all think I’m alone in my excitement for this new chapter of a great franchise, the moment people realized what they were actually showing a trailer for, Twitter was one excited Kingdom Hearts tweet after another. It seems there are quite a few of us who’ve been waiting patiently for this day!

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

Sony Letting Go of Spider-Man? *UPDATE*

In a nerd conversation of epic proportions the other day with Dr. Kronner, I disclosed that it was my dream to see the three studios controlling the biggest Marvel superhero franchises to come to an agreement and make a trilogy of awesome movies on par with the Avengers, but involving everyone. This would mean Spiderman, the Avengers, the X-men and the Fantastic Four all sharing the same universe and then Marvel Studios, Fox, and Sony all split the revenue from the trilogy. Clearly this is a fevered dream that will never happen, but there has been news that Sony may be looking to offload the film rights to Spiderman in the future according to a report at Geek Rest:

A new report has surfaced that suggests Sony may be exploring their options as to how they can raise capital for their fledgling hardware divisions by selling off several of their numerous music and film properties. According to CEO Kazua Hirai, Sony is currently considering a proposal from investor Daniel Loeb and his hedge fund company Third Point that would see Sony selling off several of their movie properties including Resident Evil and – wait for it – Spider-Man.

“Third Point’s proposal involves the way we manage a core business of the Sony group and the direction of our management. So the Sony board will give it thorough consideration before replying to Mr Loeb,” explained Hirai.

So although it’s not as grand as my plan that the studios would never buy into, at least that’s one of the big heroes that could possibly be joining the fray of Marvel Studio’s/Disney’s shared movie universe.

I know it’s not a guarantee that Sony would sell to Marvel Studios/Disney, but really who else could make the highest bid for the rights? This is a company that not only has Marvel in it’s pocket, but it’s now showing off the recently bought Star Wars franchise by announcing a new trilogy and a crap load of new standalone movies to boot. In the coming decade, Disney will have made more movie money than all of the other studios combined, unless DC can get some steam behind their own sought after shared movie universe in which the Man of Steel may or may not kick start. Only time will tell.


In the meantime, what does everyone think of this news? After all of the recent reacquiring of characters such as Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade, would it be a big game changer if Marvel Studios had Spider-Man in its holster? Sound off below!


UPDATE via Comic Book Therapy:

[box_light]After the initial post from The Register hit, more details regarding what is in the proposal have hit. Unfortunately it doesn’t look good for those wanting Spidey in the MCU either. The proposal that Loeb has brought to Sony wouldn’t be to sell of the franchises, but rather spin their entertainment branch into a separate entity that people can buy into. So the long and short of it is, don’t expect Peter Parker to be helping Tony Stark or any of The Avengers anytime soon.[/box_light]

Sony Meeting 2013: Here Comes PS4

For the past several days the internet has been aflutter with anticipation for Sony’s press conference, which promised an announcement to excite the masses. Sony had been pretty outspoken about letting Microsoft take the first step in announcing a next-gen console so when they dropped word that they’d be leading the race, hosting a major reveal event tonight, it came as a happy surprise. I’ve frequented the PS4/Xbox 720 rumor mills over the past couple months and considering they’re slated to hit stores in an estimated 8 – 10 months, I feel like we’re entitled to some cold hard facts and previews to drool over. At 6:00 PM this evening (EST), Sony was kind enough to acquiesce. Here is a recap of the Sony Meeting 2013.

ps4 1

Defying all expectation, the meeting actually began right on time kicking off with the typical video montage fanfare before our emcee, Sony President Andrew House, took the stage. Taking no time at all for formalities, House immediately began talking about the PS Vita and its mobility and flexibility. He went on to stress the importance of cross-play and being always connected. Following a brief recap of Playstation’s success and failures leading up to present, House indicated that the current state of connectivity and cross-platform interaction demanded a new console. This new console, of course, is the PS4.

At this point I’m feeling a little anxious – talk of mobile gaming and ‘always-on’ systems typically means Facebook integration and the sort of added features that become more irksome peripheral ideas than anything else. Being able to post my new platinum trophy on a friend’s wall is a nice little gimmick, sure, but I don’t want this to be the focus of my Playstation 4. My first impression is one of tentative concern. This could be a positive way of telling us all use of their games requires online connectivity – a verification process that could cause whole experiences to be ruined by a lapsing internet connection.

House then introduced Mark Cerny, the ‘lead system architect’ of the PS4, to talk about the Playstation 4’s inner workings. The Playstation 4 is very definitely a powerful machine, what Cerny described as a ‘super-charged PC’. The specs listed exactly as spoken:

  • CPU: x86
  • 8GB RAM
  • CPU almost 2 Teraflops
  • System memory GDDR5
  • Highly enhanced PC GPU

Shortly after going over the innards of the next Sony console, Cerny revealed the brand new Dualshock controller, which closely matched some concepts that have been floating around the internet recently.

Photo: playstationgang.com

This is purely an aesthetic nitpicky thing, but I’m not a fan of the new controller. The raised edges on the analog sticks are ugly, as is the touchpad, and anyway I’ve always loved the consistent model for the Dualshock. I’m sure after 4 months of owning one the Dualshock 3 will look like a sad piece of archaic technology, but to fresh eyes this is a visual step down.

Cerny then gave a superficial demonstration of the tech by showing off a real-time demo of the new Unreal engine, which featured two immense demons causing large-scale destruction in a snowy environment. The visuals don’t immediately stand out as a leap forward, but if you know where to look you can tell the graphics are definitely improved.

And shortly after he revealed his next title, a new IP called Knack which, despite its cartoonish, simple visual style showcased an impressive amount of fluid, moving objects (The protagonist himself is made up of several dozen of these).

Cerny continued to talk about the power behind the PS4, mentioning there will be virtually zero time between boot-up and game start. Similarly, downloads, streaming and sharing content will supposedly be nearly instant on the PS4’s system. In fact, Cerney stated demos can be started even before the download is complete.

The kind of speed and power indicated seems far beyond anything I’d expect from a console gaming platform. Beyond what I’m willing to believe as well, until I can see it in action (at least this is what I’m trying to tell myself between squee-ing).

The next speaker brought on stage was Dave Perry, one of the founders of Gaikai. Perry began by saying that Gaikai will be the catalyst for Sony’s new all-encompassing social structure. Facebook and Ustream will be integrated into this system, and additional features will include spectating or even taking control of a friend’s games. Reinforcing the idea of always-on and persistent play, Perry talked about reducing latency between the system and controller, and furthermore between the console and the Vita – that’s right, there will be remote play between the PS4 and the Sony handheld. Perry also revealed that in the future Gaikai will hopefully be used to stream older games, all the way back to the PS1, effectively serving as all backwards compatibility for the PS4.

Some of these social features are actually very cool. The Dualshock 4’s ‘share’ button makes it very easy to record video and share it with the friends, and spectating/joining games is something that has always been looming somewhere in the future of online play. I doubt I’ll ever do much with this stuff, but I think it’s neat, and hopefully it’ll do a lot to strengthen the PS community and brand.

After Cerny left the stage, the game demos began. The first official debut was Killzone: Shadowfall and I think I summarized it pretty well on Facebook while watching it live:

fb killzone


Killzone is one of the titles we always see at Playstation announcements and while each game does a fantastic job showcasing the power of the console, the franchise is unavoidably boring. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to try to get into the series and never once enjoyed myself. That being said, despite immense levels of indifference coursing through every fiber of my being, the trailer looks gorgeous.

Next up was Evolution Studios who announced a new driving game called Drive Club. The game looks like it will take full advantage of PS4’s social features to take Need For Speed’s Autolog to a much higher level. Additionally, the amount of detail and care that has supposedly gone into the car models is near Peter-Jackson-Lord-of-the-Rings level stuff. All in all, though I’m not a racing game fan, this looks like a great direction to take the genre.

Following that, Sucker Punch showed the trailer for Infamous: Second Son. Infamous is another series that, for the life of me, I can’t get into. Friends of mine and critics I respect all like this series but I found the first game very generic and never could convince myself to play (Admittedly, I hear it’s far superior to the first one). The intro from Sucker Punch’s speaker sounded intriguing and actually reminded me a lot of Watch Dogs, however the teaser was just a lot of super powered fighting and douchebaggy protagonist mugging in front of the camera. Like Killzone: Shadowfall, the trailer looked great and I’ll probably never play it.

For the sake of length here, I’m going to list some of the other announcements and move on:

  • Jonathan Blow’s new game following Braid. The Witness.
  • David Cage came on stage (My cue to take a break) and showed a tech demo from Quantic Dream.
  • Media Molecule showed off something with PS Move and puppets?
  • Capcom announced they’re working on a new engine and showcased a work in progress, tentatively titled Deep Down. Looks insane.
  • Square Enix showed Agni’s Philosophy and announced a new Final Fantasy game is under development.

Following all of that, Ubisoft took the stage and showed a new trailer for the much anticipated Watch Dogs. This was not explicitly focused on any kind of narrative aspect, as we saw in the initial gameplay reveal in 2012 which featured a shootout outside a nightclub, but rather seemed to be a much smaller, more incidental interaction with some NPCs in the open world. And while I’d say this demo isn’t as exciting as that other one, I think it reveals a lot more about the potential this game has to blow the doors down on the limits we’ve grown accustomed to in video games.

Next, Blizzard made an appearance to announce Diablo III will be ported to PS3 and PS4 in the future, and finally Bungie rounded out the night with a brief look at Destiny, making it clear that now that they’ve achieved their independence from Microsoft, they will support Sony just as strongly as their previous overlords.

With that, we got a closing and a holiday 2013 release and that’s all for the Sony Meeting 2013!

I went into this press conference expecting long-winded PR nonsense interspersed with some mind blowing game previews, and instead I got pretty much the opposite – some really amazing tech was described and shown, Sony made very clear they’ve made a conscious effort to make it easy to develop games on the PS4 (The PS3 was notoriously difficult to work with for developers) and they are still dedicated to making real games rather than peripherals. Meanwhile the games revealed, for the most part, met expectations on the level. Still a mystery? Pricing and what the goddamn thing even looks like.

What do you think about the Sony Meeting and PS4?

Spider-Man Sequel Confirms Return Of Director & Star

In probably the most groan inducing and obvious news to ever surface, a sequel to this year’s The Amazing Spider-Man is in the works. After the first one came out to a generally positive reaction from audiences, this money grab new franchise reboot seems determined to follow through with its shameless planned effort to make a new Spider-Man trilogy. At the time however, director for the first film, Marc Webb, was unconfirmed for a return. Now it seems like we’ll have to endure get to see another film starring the wonderful Mr. Garfield and his spectacularly lame portrayal of the hippest, least relatable, and most lame-sauce version of Peter Parker yet. [Editor’s Note – I totally disagree, Garfield > Maguire]

Aren’t I tortured?

Now if it wasn’t clear, I’m not a fan of the movie. I found myself trying really hard to stay positive about the movie right up until I actually saw it, but boy was I ever let down. I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece of epic proportions, nor was I even expecting a knockout, drag down epic superhero film. What I got instead was probably one of the stupidest, most uninteresting, boring superhero films I’ve ever seen. As I was watching it I found myself groaning in disgust or facepalming at the inanity of everything, literally every 5 minutes. Not to mention the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in a movie since the Hulk Dogs from Ang Lee’s Hulk; The goddamned lizard mouse. Plus the sweaters Peter wears, oh GOD the layers on this guy! What is he anemic? Dude wears at least 4 layers of clothes in every scene where he’s not in his Spider-Man garb.

4! Four layers of clothes! Ah! Ah! Ah!

I’ve never seen a film with such a perfect mix of boring, dumb, and redundancy. I kept trying to forget all of the previous things in the film that I found retarded, for lack of a better word, but they just kept coming. Eventually I realized the true meaning of this film lied in it’s franchise value, and the lack of any substance, or anything new or interesting was because of this. People often talk about who is or isn’t a hack in Hollywood, and the guys who wrote this, god bless them for trying. They’re obviously fans of the character, who had to deal with immense studio pressure to make the film as toyetic, commercial, broad and franchisable as possible. What I mean by this, is that it’s the case of a studio counting its eggs before they hatch. The whole film felt like an attempt to make a movie, solely to make other movies, rather than actually tell an interesting, coherent, original story.

Script? Story? Just make the damn movie, we need that Spider-Cash!

So hearing that Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb are coming back isn’t exactly a surprise, but leaves me with no real feelings of joy either. I had no huge problems with Garfield, although he did seem to be sleepwalking through the scenes that didn’t have to have him crying, skateboarding, or crying while skateboarding. He’s not the blame for his character being utterly shit-tastic. I’ve never seen a guy whose shit was so ruined despite looking cool, having a hot babe be obviously into you, being rad at skateboarding, and being a goddamned genius. Furthermore all of the awesome camerawork that was promised by Marc Webb was mostly absent, as I recall a big hooplah being made about the POV swinging sequences, of which I can barely remember. I don’t mean to trash them both, because they did what they could with what they had. The entire thing was a massive failure on every level, except for monetary gain. Which it was made for to begin with, so in that regard it’s a success. I know I’m in the minority with that opinion here at GB, (4.5/5) but It’s how I feel.

Seriously, look how tortured he is!

Will I be looking forward to seeing the new Spider-Man film? No. Will I see it? If somebody else pays for the ticket, snacks, and then is willing to sit through my rant after the film is over? Yes. Will I be continuing further coverage of the sequel as plot details are released? Yes, but only because my editor hates me. [True.]