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GTA V impressions Feature

Spoiler-Free: First Impressions of Grand Theft Auto V

Grizzly Bomb knows its audience: Fans want to know as much as humanly possible about upcoming titles without having the whole thing spoiled for them and plot details, twists, and an overload of content run rampant on the intern...
by Daniel Woizinski


Microsoft’s ‘Clippy’ may be dead, but Netflix has Max

How many times have you been watching Netflix on your Playstation 3 and thought, “if only there was a game show like feature complete with a Guy Smiley voice that could give me suggestions on what next to watch on this he...
by Amanda Broyles


Xbox 720 ‘Durango’ Confuses & Angers Lazy

  Let me start off by saying, I’m not the most active gamer. Oh sure, I used to be. I used to be that guy who read 2-3 gaming magazines every month, back when multiple gaming magazines still existed, and charted out ...
by Adam Popovich


Wii U

Nintendo Has a ‘Wii U’ Launch Date! Courtesy of Soon-to-be Fired Marketing Rep!

According to Kotaku via Gamespot, the Wii U launch date has been announced! Problem is, no one was supposed to know about it. Oops. During a meeting with GameStop Managers in Texas, accessory maker PDP was making their fall lin...
by Chris Tansuche


Sony Reveals new ‘God of War: Ascension’ Trailer

Thanks to an Amazon page that jumped the gun revealing possible box art, and a tentative release date, Sony has been forced to show its hand and publicly announce God of War Ascension, the fourth game in the GoW series. Sony ...
by Daniel Woizinski


Twisted Metal: The Movie!

The new Twisted Metal video game on the PS3 came out today. I haven’t yet had a chance to go out and rent it, but my heart yearns for some vehicular combat where car and body parts fly hither and yon across the screen. I mea...
by Stephen Sanchez


serena williams top spin 4

Serena Williams ‘Topspin 4′ Ad – Too sexy for TV?

Yesterday I was perusing a colleague’s blog and noticed a video she had posted that was simply titled “Top Spin 4“. It had a screen shot of an attractive woman’s behind with the play button overlaying it...
by Stephen Sanchez