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‘The Playboy Club’ Review: Series Premiere

We’ve talked a little about NBC’s The Playboy Club, and the time has come to take a look inside the club. Based on the real clubs from the Playboy franchise, we get to see a gritty period piece set in Chicago during...
by Scott Fraser

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‘The Playboy Club': a Video Update

I am one of many looking forward to this frisky drama! NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’, is one of this Fall’s most anticipated new series. Recently there have been new video clips implanted into the internet ma...
by Michelle Lynn

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‘The Playboy Club’ joins Real Beer and Good Music as Things Too Cool for Utah…

NBC’s The Playboy Club will be airing this fall…at least on most channels. As I mentioned in a previous article, this show will be racy. Of course this is expected because of what the Playboy symbol represents. Mos...
by Michelle Lynn



Grizzly Links: Conan, Playboy, and E-Harmony

- Stuff Geeks Pretend Don’t Exist: Jar Jar who?  [Screen Rant] - Fun in the All-Powerful Sarlacc: Boba Fett was totally drunk…  [Gunaxin] - Evolution of the Playboy Bunny: In preparation for NBC’s impending &#...
by Brian Kronner


NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’ – We’ve got Sex, Booze, and Murder!

Beginning this fall, NBC will be airing The Playboy Club every Monday night, and I will be watching this show. The show’s aesthetic is obviously inspired by the success of AMC’s Mad Men, which is set in the same er...
by Michelle Lynn