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Tina Fey and Paul Rudd Star in “Admission” – New Trailer

It is no secret that I am a huge Tina Fey fan. If I had a patronus, it would be either Julie Andrews or Tina Fey without a doubt. I like to keep up with most former SNL cast members (Rob Schneider being the exception, sorry Rob), but Tina is at the top of my list.

So it should come as no surprise that I am very excited for her new movie, Admission. Even if it didn’t star Ms. Fey, it’s a romantic comedy with Paul Rudd and Tony Blair Michael Sheen so there’s little doubt that I would have missed it in the first place. Tina Fey is just the beautiful and tasty icing on the cake. Even though I’m more than slightly verklempt at the idea of no more Liz Lemon in my life, I’m hoping this new movie will herald a long and even more successful film career for Ms. Fey.

The trailer for Admission was released yesterday and I’ll admit that it is a much different story than I had originally thought based on the log line.

[quote]At Princeton, an admissions officer gets involved with a less-than-model potential student. [/quote]

Obviously I haven’t read the book by Jean Hanff Korelitz otherwise I never would have thought that maybe Tina Fey was playing a Mary Kay Latourneau type. Needless to say, I’m quite happy I was wrong.

The screenplay was written by Karen Croner who really doesn’t have that expansive of a resume but she also did One True Thing, a movie I adore, so I’m feeling pretty okay on that one. Paul Weitz is the director and he did such a great job with About A Boy that it makes me all the more excited for this movie.

Add in Lily Tomlin as Tina Fey’s shotgun wielding mom and we’ve got ourselves a barn burner!

oh…and Wallace Shawn!

Admission has a release date of March 8th, 2013.

Judd Apatow’s ‘This Is 40′ Has A New Trailer, Fills Me With Existential Dread

Judd Apatow is one of those strange curiosities in the filmmaking industry. He made his name blending bro-humor, stoner comedy and genuine emotional earnestness with the 1-2 knockout punch of 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, and has since put himself on the map as the go to guy for a successful mainstream comedy. Then as his career continued, he started putting in more of the earnest emotional stuff back into his work, which isn’t anything new for him at all. Longtime Apatow fans will be familiar with his TV projects, Freaks And Geeks being the most notable for being a perfect encapsulation of a generation’s awkward teen years, that had a timeless relatability to it despite being set in the 80’s.  Then he had his first bomb with Funny People, which was a movie that was more drama than comedy, and people weren’t expecting it, nor did they like what they got. Personally, I thought it was good, if a bit self-indulgent and long. However, it looks like Apatow is dead set on another turn where we’re gonna be given more and more of his own personal issues and hangups through a Paul Rudd filter, and it has a new trailer. The older, funnier, original trailer was covered previously, by an author here who has a much more positive, if pretentious outlook on the film, as opposed to my immediate, knee-jerk pessimism followed with cynical malaise deflected with humor as a coping mechanism. Just like an Apatow movie! Oh… Oh god… Here’s the new trailer, I’m going to go weep in the shower for a minute.

Now, all self-aware deprecation aside, I obviously could be jumping the gun, but the trailer makes it barely even look like an Apatow film. Since when did he start making touchey-feeley,psuedo-indie twee-fests that borderline on becoming mumblecore films? I would have very little interest in seeing this if it was made by literally anyone else, or if Paul Rudd’s beautiful eyes and smile didn’t enchant me with glee every time I see him. The movie is so transparent in its intention, it might as well be called “Being Old And Married Sucks“.

Presumably his next film will be a “sort of sequel” with him sitting in a hotel room in his underwear, drinking heavily while sobbing about his wasted life. It’ll be rad. Also, this…

Also, screw Megan Fox. Interpret that however you want.

‘Anchorman 2′ Teaser is Going to Make You Cream

After literally almost 10 years of waiting, and an almost monthly debacle between Ferrell/McKay and studios, Anchorman 2 has released its first teaser trailer. With a simple set-up and hilarious banter between the Channel 4 News Team, Anchorman 2 has already solidified its status as one of the funniest films of 2013. In this teaser, our favorite group of the bumbling idiots that give San Diego its news basically just talk about how awesome it’s going to be once Anchorman 2 comes out.

Brick is just as mentally challenged as ever, Champ looks like he’s been hitting the bottle hard, and it seems like Brian hasn’t been within a 20-yard radius of a razor in months. As for Ron Burgundy, well, a couple extra pounds from years of hard work still can’t contain the fact that he’s kind of a big deal. With an apartment that smells of mahogany, and a shelf littered with leather-bound books, it seems as if our favorite newscaster is going back to the big screen in 2013.

Considering the ending of the first Anchorman, I wonder how they plan on continuing the legacy. Will Veronica Corningstone make a triumphant return, or will this sequel take the route of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and introduce a new Burgundy girl? To be honest, the chemistry between Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate in the first film was so strong that I almost couldn’t imagine this film without her, but if Ferrell and McKay think they can do it even better a second time around, I’m all for it.

Other things I’d like to see in the sequel is more of the rest of the news teams. They were introduced briefly (including the infamous parking lot brawl), but I feel like they were underused in the first film. Same goes for the Channel 4 News Staff. It’s fascinating to me that three of the four members of the Channel 4 News Team became A-List stars after (or maybe due to) the success of this film. As for David Koechner, well, the guy can’t seem to catch a break but whose fault is that? I wonder if Paul Rudd and Steve Carell will be able to maintain that level of subtly hilarious obscurity that made them so funny in the first film. But I guess we’ll just have to wait until we get a full-length trailer to really see what’s going on.

As for the teaser trailer released this week, you can check that out right here:

“This Is 40″ Has A Trailer…And It’s Awesome

We all knew it was going to happen, and now that it has, I couldn’t be more grateful. Pete and Debbie, the wonderfully bitter couple from 2007’s Knocked Up finally have their own movie. All I can say is it’s about damn time, Judd! This hilarious preview only solidifies my anticipation and gives me even more of a reason to be excited for the actual movie.

It’s called This is 40, and it follows the life of Pete and Debbie following the events of Knocked Up. Serving as a quote-unquote “sort-of sequel to Knocked Up“, This is 40 features many of the characters from the series’ first film, something I’m extremely grateful for. But instead of chronicling the beginning of a relationship, it follows what The Future refers to as “the middle of the beginning”. Of course, Maude and Iris, Apatow’s real-life daughters, get most of the best lines in the trailer.

My only fear is that instead of staying true to the events of the original film, they’ll try and capitalize on the success of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel and release a lazy product with crappy continuity. I doubt it, though, considering Judd Apatow’s truly never written or directed a bad movie in his life. And please, dear God, can we get a Seth Rogen/Katherine Heigl cameo?

Jason Segal, This is 40, Boner Machine

Some new faces to the cast include Chris O’Dowd, Albert Brooks, Melissa McCarthy, Annie Mumolo (who co-wrote Bridesmaids with Kristen Wiig), John Lithgow, Lena Dunham, and Megan Fox. All these names seem pretty perfect for a film like this, with the exception of Albert Brooks who seems a little bit out of place considering his last, very scary role in Drive. Of course, only time, new trailers, and new clips will tell.

This is 40 trailer:

Will Ferrell Announces…Yes…A Sequel To Anchorman!

What seemed literally impossible a mere two weeks ago is now a green-lit reality. After making an outlandish appearance on “Conan”, Will Ferrell, in his Ron Burgundy persona, announced the confirmation of Anchorman 2. Personally, I find this announcement a little bit abrupt and unexpected only because just a couple of weeks ago, Will Ferrell was talking about how the project was “pretty much dead”. I’m interested as to whether he intentionally lied about the certainty of the project, or was he as surprised as his fans to be able to negotiate the deal with Paramount.

Honestly, when I actually heard the announcement, a little kid in me started jumping and screaming with joy. Of course, I knew that it was going to happen judging from the title of the video and all the buzz beforehand, but actually hearing it was pretty exciting. With Anchorman being such a crucial component to my childhood, hearing about a sequel really, as Burgundy would put it, just rustled my Jimmies.

And Great Oden’s Raven! You can watch the video of Burgundy making his announcement right here:

Also, if you want to relive some the best moments of the original Anchorman, you can do so right here:

You’re able to click some other great scenes about 30 seconds before each video ends.

Parks and Recreation Finale Has Two Endings!

If you don’t watch Parks and Recreation you’re a moron.  The show is absolutely hilarious, and Amy Poehler is brilliant as the main character, Leslie Knope.  The show is currently in its fourth season on NBC; and the story arc of the season has primarily revolved around Leslie’s campaign for city council.  It’s been a rocky road on her way to election day, and the show’s writers have been extremely tight-lipped about what the outcome will be.  So tight-lipped, in fact, that they made the decision to film two different finales: one in which Leslie wins the election and one in which she loses.  It’s like they’re creating their very own ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel.

It could really go either way.  There’s no real buildup or progression to one specific outcome that has taken over the season.  On the one hand, it would be incredibly interesting to have her win.  If the show gets renewed, It would open up possibilities for multiple different story arcs and really build on Leslie’s character.  Not only would she be working in the Parks Department, she would be a part of something completely new; a realm that could introduce us to a multitude of new and interesting characters.  On the other hand, nothing in life is that easy.  It might come off as cheesy and predictable if she wins.  If the show does not get renewed, though, it would be the perfect ending.

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Grizzly Review: Wanderlust

In 2001, the cult comedy to top all cult comedies, Wet Hot American Summer, was released to rather negative reviews (obviously). Garnering an A from Entertainment Weekly, but low markings from pretty much everywhere else, the film was discarded into oblivion after its release, only to resurface as a God of the cult world a few years later. Director and co-writer David Wain had since then made a couple of movies including The Ten and the critical and commercial success, Role Models, which definitely took a turn for the subdued in the “Wain humor” category.

What is the “Wain humor” you might ask? Well if you watch the television show “Children’s Hospital”, then you get an idea of what I’m talking about. In short, it’s silly, it’s absurd, but at the end of the day, it’s hilarious. In David Wain’s newest film, Wanderlust, he turns up the absurdity, gives a middle finger to everyone who doesn’t get the joke, and does his thing. After George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) find themselves jobless, with no money to pay the rent, they’re forced to move to Atlanta for a job with George’s brother, Rick (Ken Marino). Rick, who specializes in selling port-o-potties to construction sites, is, for all intents and purpose, a complete douchebag. His wife, Marissa (Michaela Watkins) is an alcoholic stay-at-home who just wants her life to end at some point in the near future.

On their way there, though, they stop at a bed and breakfast called Elysium which turns out to actually be a hippie commune. Founded by Carvin (Alan Alda) but led by spiritual confidant named Seth (Justin Theroux), George and Linda have the night of their life that includes some very strong marijuana, a lot of dancing, and a lot of laughing. After leaving the commune and arriving in Atlanta, George realizes how unhappy he is, and how unhappy he’s going to continue to be. After a hilariously over-the-top fight with his brother, George and Linda flee the suburban Atlanta household, and go right back to Elysium where they are accepted by everyone instantly.

Some of the more audacious personalities include Wayne (Joe Lo Truglio), a budding writer and winemaker that also happens to be a nudist, Eva (Malin Akerman), a big supporter and activist of free love, and Almond (Lauren Ambrose), a very pregnant, but very sweet girl who embraces the lifestyle of Elysium. These and more of the other residents help make George and Linda feel right at home, but when Linda starts practicing free love, taking drugs, and completely embracing the lifestyle of a hippie, George realizes that they have to get them out of Elysium and back home where they belong.

Wanderlust is the umpteenth collaboration from Paul Rudd, Ken Marino, and David Wain. It’s pretty hard to find one without the other, and for good reason. When the three of those comedic geniuses get together, the result is usually magic. Wanderlust is a constantly hilarious, if not steadily plotted, movie that has come at just the right time in the spring of 2012. Taking a break from all of the drama and action movies, as well as starting what seems to be a great year in comedy, Wanderlust is able to tell a good joke up to seven times with an equally funny reaction each time.

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston are both fantastic, and after Aniston’s risky performance in last year’s Horrible Bosses, she’s proven that she’s able to take on edgier roles that aren’t exactly part of her typecast persona. Paul Rudd is as fantastic as usual, giving an equally innocent and honest performance that targets all of his strong suits as an actor. On a little side note, I need to take some time to go on a Paul Rudd rant for just a moment. If you don’t know, Rudd is actually an extremely accomplished actor who deserves roles that really displays his fantastic range of ability. There is such a film, mind you, called Two Days. If you haven’t heard of it, which you probably haven’t (it doesn’t even have a professional review on Rotten Tomatoes), go watch it on Netflix. It’s definitely an acquired taste for anyone who watches any genre of film, but even if you aren’t interested in black comedy, watch just for Rudd’s performance. Oh, and when I say black comedy, I mean, pitch black.

Getting back on track, Wanderlust benefits from having a very talented cast of characters who are familiar with not only David Wain’s work, but his strange style of comedy, because to be perfectly honest, Wanderlust is possibly the strangest mainstream comedy you’re going to see all year. Giant talking house flies, some hallucinogenic drug trips, and a group of nudist wine makers running for their life in slow motion are just a couple of things you’ll bear witness to in the film.

But where Wanderlust succeeds in being hilarious, it fails in telling a compelling story. Rather than following any sort of plot, Wanderlust just kind of pushes forward and expects the audience to be okay with it. Granted, the film is never downright boring, but the predictable and familiar plot twists detract from the overall product. It almost seems like the plot came as an afterthought to the rest of the film when Marino and Wain spent time writing it.

David Wain, on the other hand, directs the film with a confidence and control that hasn’t really been present in his previous films. With slick edits, emotionally fueled camerawork, and guiding transitions, Wain, in some ways, makes up for the lack of plot with the wonderful style he’s adopted for the film. That blended with everything else that’s lovable about Wanderlust equates to an enjoyable comedy that is neither too crude or too timid, giving it appeal and charm. Produced by Judd Apatow, Wanderlust feels familiar, but at the same time, anything David Wain and Paul Rudd work on is going to be enjoyable, and Wanderlust really isn’t an exception.

3.5/5 Bears

Grizzly Dailies – Burt Wonderstone, Evil Dead Casting, and Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Welcome to Grizzly Dailies! A new feature where we will cover a bunch of movie news in the manner we love. Jam packing a ton of links and info in one post so you don’t have to waste your valuable time (and ours) by combing through a ton of articles!

Carell, Buscemi, and Carrey in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – (CinemaBlend/ FilmDrunk)

That’s a powerful line-up, especially when joined by the always gorgeous Olivia Wilde. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone tells the tale of two rival magicians, and if you need a real world comparison think David Blaine vs. Criss Angel. Now I know, that sounds like something nobody wants to see, but it’s got Olivia Wilde in it, so that changes everything. Here’s a shot of Carrel, Wilde, and Buscemi doing what they do… in a glass case of emotion:

And Jim Carrey in one of his most ridiculous outfits yet: And here’s Olivia Wilde on set with Carrey in some sort of wrestling superhero costume? I like her logo… And her and Carrey, doing I-Don’t-Know-What…

Will Ferrel Gets Political in Dog Fight – (CinemaBlend)

In Dog Fight, Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis play politicians running against each other for a small district in South Carolina, which is sure to have hilarious results. Already bringing the humor is this photo of Ferrell’s new straight edged haircut, a far cry from his general curly fro. Also seen in the shot is Jason Sudeikis, who I’m trying really hard to like but has yet to wow me.

First Look at Apatow’s This is 4o -(CinemaBlend)

When news first dropped of the don’t-call-it-a-sequel spin-off to Knocked Up, fans were equal parts excited and uncaring. This is 40 looks like its shaping up to be another comedy that hits home, and tells a story of real people in real life. The real people are of course Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, reprising their roles as Pete and Debbie. Here’s a first look at the actors, along with Maude and Iris Apatow:

Lily Collins Is Evil Dead‘s New Ash… Oh Wait, No She’s Not – (GammaSquad/CinemaBlend)

Word hit a little while ago that Lily Collins was in talks to play the lead role of Mia in the Evil Dead remake, a role that was comparative to the role of Ash that Bruce Campbell made famous in the original. That sparked a lot of debate, but I was interested. If anyone has seen Priest then you know the girl can scream. Anyways, don’t get too excited/upset, because it looks like she has to pass on the movie due to scheduling conflicts. What those conflicts are we don’t know, but expect a replacement casting announcement to come soon.

New Images From Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – (Cinema Blend/ GeekTyrant)

I feel like I don’t need to explain anything at all about this movie. Let’s just look at the title again. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. ‘Nuff said, right? Here are some pictures: The film is directed by Timur Bekmambetov, and stars Benjamin Walker as Lincoln, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Todd Lincoln, Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturgess, and Alan Tudyk as Stephen A. Douglas. Here are some kick ass posters as well:

Grown Ups 2 Gets A Release Date – (CinemaBlend)

And for some movie news a lot of people expected but even more didn’t want, it looks like the Sandler Posse will return for a sequel to their buddy movie that they probably filmed in a weekend while hanging out making money. I know a lot of people who hated Grown Ups and a few people who loved it, I was indifferent. So I feel very blah about this news, but very unsurprised as well. The movie made money, so in Hollywood’s eyes that means a sequel is good to go, regardless of the content. Oh yea, the release date. Grown Ups 2 has been booked to hit theaters on July 12, 2013. And that’s it for this week’s Dailies, we’ll have more movie news for you next week!