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TNT’s Falling Skies: 2.03 – “Compass”

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo – not Jimmy! Why!?!?!?!?

Not little orphan Jimmy. Anybody, but Jimmy. Who is Captain Weaver going to love now??? Tell me it’s not true… Oh, but it is true. This week, we kick off the episode with the death of Captain Weaver’s beloved Orphan Jimmy. How did Jimmy get himself offed you might be asking? Well, he decided to make a poor life choice. He decided to tag along with the alien-boy Ben on Skidder hunting trips of instead of patrolling the perimeter as ordered. We see the two have a successful hunting trip in the opening of the episode, but guess who pressed his luck one too many times. RIP little soldier, RIP. 

In addition to the loss of Jimmy, we also see the exit of another from the group in this weeks episode. The group’s token ‘lovable bad ass’ Pope decides to stir up enough trouble to facilitate his exit from the 2nd Mass. The rift between Pope and Mason finally comes to a head in this episode when Pope and his group of Berserkers decide to kid-nap Mason and try to force him to leave the group since Pope feels he cannot be trusted from his time with the aliens. Pope gives Tom two options, either walk away now or die. Luckily for Tom, his son Ben and the then alive Jimmy are returning from patrol just in time to save him. What luck. After discussing options with Captain Weaver as what to about the Pope paranoia situation, Tom convinces Weaver to assign him to Pope’s Berserker unit in order to keep a better eye on him.

Mason vs. Pope, Round 2 comes after Mason finds that Pope has taken Jimmy’s compass. When Pope refuses to give up the compass, Mason unleashes hell on Pope’s face and has to be forcibly removed from on top of the smart-ass biker. Man got the compass back though. Not bad for a history teacher.

Anyways, upon council with Weaver about the situation, Pope is given the opportunity to leave the group and go out on his own which he takes. Surprise moment of the night… Pope’s band of merry misfits decide to stay with the 2nd Mass. instead of follow Pope to where ever. Didn’t see that coming. Pope doesn’t go alone though, Anthony decides goes with him in order to ensure Pope does not cause any trouble for the 2nd Mass. Don’t worry your pretty little heads out there Falling Skies land, this split is only temporary. Pope needs the 2nd Mass. just as much as they need him. I would be shocked if he didn’t rejoin the group in the next 3 episodes. He’ll be back…..

Now it might seem that this episode is all just doom in gloom, but it’s not. We also receive a small sliver of hope from a mystery plane that finds the group. Out of no where an old prop plane emerges from the sky and brings the group a message of hope. According to the pilot, a continental congress government has been assembled in Charleston and
is ordering all survivors to make their way south in order to form a central resistance to fight the alien invaders. The ‘Paul Revere-like’ pilot has also brought along fantastical stories of hot showers, electricity, and communications with Europe via short wave radio in Charleston.

All of this news is met with great skepticism from Captain Weaver. Before the pilot arrived, Weaver was planning on taking the group up in mountains in order to hide and ride out the winter, but now he has a big decision to make. In the end, Weaver decides to begin the trek to Charleston and put his faith in the message of hope. Hopefully this isn’t a decision he will soon regret. Me being the cynical, pessimist that I am, there is NO WAY in hell this works out for them. It’s probably some alien trap trying to round every survivor up. We shall see.

One final thing of note we saw in this weeks episode to keep an EYE on is the red-eyed skidder that apparently can control Ben through the spikes still attached to his back. We saw this happen at both the beginning and end of the episode when Ben finds himself face to face with the skidder and his spike begin to glow blue. It appears as if Ben cannot move and just gazes into the eyes of the skidder. What ever is coming of this can’t be good for Ben’s sake, much less the rest of the group. 

Overall, I’d say that the episode was pretty solid this week. It had a very good mix of drama, sadness, character development, internal conflict, and hope. The alien action was little light for my taste, but the story still carried well despite it. I am excited to see what comes of the trip to Charleston and see what, if anything, actually is awaiting them.

4/5 Bears

Also, Tom finally made a move.



TNT’s Falling Skies: Episode 8: What Hides Beneath

Ok so sorry about missing last weeks episode recap and review, but I got super tied up at work…. and I’m lazy. In all honesty Sanctuary Part 2 was, at best, 2 out of 5 grizzlies. In short, the 2nd Mass gets their kids back from Clayton, Clayton dies, Pope has a heart, and the previously harnessed kid, Rik, thinks of himself as an alien now. That’s it… One sentence. BOOM. Efficiency.

 This weeks episode on the other hand was a HELL of a lot better. This week, not only are the aliens back, but we focus a ton on Captain Weaver and learn more about our alien invaders. We open this weeks episode with a Weaver dream sequence when he is suddenly awakened by Tom informing him of Porter’s arrival. Something is clearly bugging the good Captain.  Porter informs them that all of their intelligence, including info from other resistance groups around the country, is noticing all the skidders pulling back to those huge structures being built over the major cities. We also learn from Porter that not all of Clayton’s claims from two weeks ago were lies. The 7th Mass was in fact wiped out, along with a couple other divisions. How sad. Finally, Porter informs Tom and Weaver of the all out offensive all the resistance groups are preparing to launch against the alien structures.  In three days time, the resistance groups will bring the fight to the aliens for the first time and try to bring down the structures over the cities.

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Falling Skies: Episode 6 – “Sanctuary Part 1″ Review

If you missed any past episodes: Click Here.

We open up this weeks episode with the good doctor getting rolled for medical supplies by a family wishing to leave the protection of the 2nd Mass. They fear things are not safe after the death of Dr. Coward and the arrival of the harnessed kids last week. What a bunch of ungrateful bitches. Needless to say, they are able to leave, but a soldier stops them and confiscates the stolen medicine. Who was this mystery man you ask??? Well he turns out to be the Lieutenant Clayton, one of the few survivors of the 7th Mass, and he comes bearing bad news. Not only was a majority of the 7th Mass killed and their children taken, but a skidder attack is soon approaching. Don don dooooooon.

The Good Doctor. Before the invasion.

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TNT’s Falling Skies: Episode 5 – “Silent Kill” Review

Let me start this out by first saying Congratulations. Congrats to the show for proving me wrong and earning a 10 episode second season, which is slated to air summer of 2012, and was ordered only 3 episodes in to the first season. The show has managed to retain 3.8 million of the 5.9 million premiere viewers. Way to go Falling Skies, way to say “IN YOUR FACE” to an opinionated idiot that writes for a certain website.  Anyways on to tonight’s episode…

So for anyone who looooooooooves character development, this episode was for you. While the episode is centered around the rescue of Tom’s son Ben, we delve a little bit deeper into what makes Anne, Margaret, and a little bit of Captain Weaver tick. The episode kicks off with Tom and Hal once again coming up with a plan to rescue their missing family member Ben, and getting the ok from Captain Weaver. In short, the plan is to sneak in the hospital at night while the guarding skidder is sleeping, kill him without making a noise, and avoid alerting the patrolling mech. Hence the title SILENT KILL!

 After the plan is decided, we cut to the good teacher and Tom’s younger son Matt playing with radios and listening to a classic record. Captain Weaver picks up in the music while staring at a drawing from a child and calmly walks into the classroom, confiscates the record, and informs the good teacher that he can play record he wants, except that one. It appears the stoic Captain has a soft side after all. More on this later. Next, we have the best of the entire episode. The death of Dr. Harris!! While playing a little too close to the skidder cage and to study new noises the alien is making, the skidder manages to choke the life out of the cowardly doctor. Kudos to the writers for killing him off so quickly.

After Dr. Harris’s death, we then see Hal talking to the previously rescued boy about his time being harnessed with the aliens. From what he learns, Hal decides to change the original rescue plan and where a harness to disguise himself to save Ben. A plan not quickly approved by his father. Quick side note, I think they should have made this conversation a bit longer and more detailed. It would have been great to get more insight into what the aliens where doing with the captured kids. Anyways, we now join Anne, Tom, and Hal where they are discussing how best to kill a skidder without making any noise. Anne informs them of a weak spot in the aliens mouth that could provide a way to kill them. After placing a saucer of water, Anne attacks and kills the captured alien by stabbing it with a scalpel inside the creatures mouth at the soft palette location they were discussing. After killing the creature, Anne storms off to the lost child board and confesses Tom how easy it was to kill the alien by picturing her family and how she has nothing to reminding her of her lost loved ones, only the blood from the alien on her hand. We now see why she has shut down when it comes to discussing her family.

Next, we finally get the what we have been building up to for the past 2 episodes, the rescue of Ben. Hal is able to successfully break in to the hospital where his brother is being held wearing a harness as a disguise. He slips in line with his brother and the other harnessed kids being led by a skidder. This is where it gets a little weird. The skidder leads them all in to a room where they all lay down in a circle, and the skidder hovers over them, caressing their heads as they all go to sleep. This looked a lot like a mother nesting over her babies, showing that there is something more to this enslavement by the alien invaders. As skidder falls asleep, Hal attacks and thrusts a pocket knife into the skidders mouth as Anne did back at the base, but during his attack the harnessed kids pull at Hal to try to stop the attack. To make things even more weird, after the skidder dies and the rescue team starts save the harness children, we see the kids placing their hands over the dead alien showing a sign of concern and sadness. What the F is going on here?

With the kids rescued and Dr. Harris dead, it’s now up to Anne to successfully remove the harnesses from all kids on her own. After removing all the harnesses, the final child (don’t worry, not Ben) died on the make shift operating table. Despite encouraging words from Tom on the number of kids she just saved, she is focused on the one that died. Someone should really explain to her she needs to be a glass is half full kind of person. A ‘Debbie Downer’ is no good for surviving alien invasion.

While waiting for Ben to recover we see a conversation between Hal and Margaret, who was instrumental in the rescue due to her extensive knowledge of the hospital, where we get to learn that Margaret is a cancer survivor who was given a 50/50 chance to live, and its that mind-set that allowed her to survive not only the invasion but her time spent with Pope’s crew.

The show comes to an end with Captain Weaver watching Tom and his reunited family, then going off to play the record he confiscated in the beginning, and Ben waking up to recognize his dad. All in all, I would say this week the show was OK at best. While I know character development is a must for any show in order to gain sympathy and create a connection between us and the characters, I feel they went about it a little half assed for Margaret and Captain Weaver. They probably should have taken a page from Lost and spend an entire episode focusing on them mindset of each character, that’s just my opinion.

I’ll be curious to see what adventure the writers have in store for us next since we have spent the first few episodes wanting to rescue Ben. Do we go back and rescue Hal’s girlfriend, or is she just to be forgotten about and Margaret will take her place?

2.5 out of 5 grizzlies!

TNT’s ‘Falling Skies’ – Review: Series Premiere

TNT’s new original series Falling Skies kicked off last night with a two-hour premiere. The new sci-fi drama is executive produced by none other than Mr. Steven Spielberg, and stars Noah Wyle of ER fame. The show picks up 6 months in to a hostile alien invasion in Boston, and everything has already gone to hell in a hand basket. We learn from the opening children’s drawings that the invaders are killing off all adults, and capturing and enslaving the children they come across, referred to as ‘harnessing’. To underscore how bad things are truly going the show opens with the destruction of Boston and the retreating of all Massachusetts Resistance Forces and survivors.

Porter, the leader of the resistance fighters, decides to break up the remaining fighters and civilians into three separate groups, and send them into retreat in 3 separate directions to rendezvous later. It is here where we learn that our main man Tom Mason, a former history professor turned resistance fighter, (Wyle) is assigned to be second in command in the 2nd Massachusetts Resistance, led by Captain Weaver (Will Patton), and that his middle child Ben has been harnessed by the aliens.  We also learn from the meeting with Porter that while they are trying, there is no way to remove the harness from captured children without killing them. At the conclusion of the meeting, Tom is left with explicit instructions to do whatever it takes to protect the civilians assigned to them, which foreshadows the impending conflict he will inevitably have with Captain Weaver.

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Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies

A whole lot of people have to be getting burned out on alien invasion storylines. We’ve had more than our fair share of them just in the last six months and still have Super 8 and Cowboys and Aliens coming our way.

Could it be that the movie studios are all alien operations trying to catch us off guard for an invasion? Maybe. But I still think if an interesting new piece of alien entertainment comes our way it can’t hurt to check it out, because let’s face it: We’re screwed if there is an invasion coming.
So now we have Falling Skies, an alien invasion that starts off six months into the whole ordeal. It focuses on the people left fighting on against these invaders and trying to stay unified with most of the civilized world in ruins.

I suppose what sets this alien show apart from the others is that it takes place after the initial attack and invasion. Most of the recent ones and a couple older movies take place over a couple of days since they are only two-hour movies, (Independence Day, Skyline, Battle: LA) so it will be nice to see the remaining humans striving to survive and figuring out what the aliens are after besides kicking our asses over the course of ten episodes.

The effects, like the similarly Spielberg produced Terra Nova, look pretty darn decent for a T.V. show. It seems summer carrying into fall we will have a couple new Sci-Fi shows to sustain us with Falling Skies and Terra Nova since V will most likely be canceled.

So what does everyone think? Does this Spielberg produced project look any good? Is it going to be another War of The Worlds, this time dragged out over ten hours? This could be Spielberg making up for that boring piece of crud. Bore of the Worlds…. heh heh heh.

Sound off below in the comments section or be annihilated!

It has to be better than this… right?