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No Future for Futurama – Season 7 Will Be Its Last

One might be hard pressed to find a show with a history like that of Futurama. First premiered in Fox in 1999, had the most unpredictable scheduling I’ve ever seen, “not renewed” by Fox in 2003 in the middle of production on season 4. Adult Swim showed reruns, which we all watched every single time they aired and enough people were talking about it that Comedy Central, in 2005 acquired to the right to syndication and decided that along with that, they were going to make four movies that went straight to DVD but were also chopped up as “new episodes” on Comedy Central. After the success of the movies, Comedy Central went ahead and ordered new seasons of the show and it has lived happily until today. Now though, Comedy Central has decided not to renew Futurama, which means that the 31st-century-set animated comedy will end its 140-episode run on Sept. 4.

In talking with EW, David Bernath, Comedy Central’s Executive VP of Programming lamented the end of the Planet Express crew.

[quote]That’s a helluva run that few shows achieve, and especially given the fact that it came back to life, it’s really an amazing story, I’m more thankful and feel a sense of gratitude toward the whole process — and that we found a way to keep going for 52 more episodes — than I really am even thinking about the ending. It’s a blessing that it came back and lasted so long.[/quote]

Even Matt Groenig and David X. Cohen have stated through the years that the fact that Futurama continues today is somewhat of a miracle. Of course they also don’t discount the possibility of the show once again finding a new life somewhere else as Cohen so appropriately says, “As I said three times before, this is definitely the absolute end of the show. I don’t know why nobody believes me when I say that.”

While Futurama will most certainly be missed, perhaps it’s for the best. I mean how many more times can an animated cartoon that is supposed to be funny rip our hearts out and stomp on them before we say enough is enough? All I know is my soul can’t take another ‘The Late Philip J. Fry’.


Or ‘Luck of the Fryrish’

Or ‘Leela: Orphan of the Stars’

And sweet mother Mary not another ‘Jurassic Bark’ which may possibly be the saddest animated thing ever, with perhaps exception to anything in Toy Story.





Screw you Futurama! Who cares if you never ever see the light of day again? I certainly don’t. I can live my life without Fry and Leela. Or Fry and Bender. I most certainly won’t miss Dr. Zoidberg or Professor Farnsworth. Who even thinks of Hermes Conrad or Amy Wong anyways?

Excuse me, I need to go have a moment with Adele.

The last 13 episodes of Futurama will start on June 19th. Kleenex not included.

‘The Simpsons’ Hit #500 and Other Such Springfield Related Nonsense…

Episode 500 Review: This episode has an epic couch gag mashing up every bit they have ever done.   A fake nuclear war has been cooked up to keep the Simpsons away while the town votes on whether to ban them from Springfield.  In a good amount of self referential fun, the family is displaced to the “Outlands” and gets to meet ultra-cool guest star, Julian Assange.

Recent episodes have contained a good amount of Easter eggs to longtime fans of the show.  The amount of property damages that Bart and Homer’s escapades have cost the town is shown with images from Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken and Brother’s Little Helper (seasons 10 and 11 respectively).  By the way, Sideshow Mel has become a great voice amongst the townspeople.  He’s always hilarious and pithy.

I love Maggie’s Mad Max outfit and Marge’s concerns over her new friends in the Outlands.  “Two babies enter, one baby leaves.”  Marge and Homer have some great scenes breaking back into Springfield and continue to prove themselves as the only reason I have any faith in marriage.

For quite some time, The Simpsons have been lambasted as having fallen off from the heydays of the 90’s.  Many former Simpsons sycophants feel the show is no longer considered amongst the television elites and want Groening and Co. to end its historic run.  Opinions like this could not be more sinful towards Bart, and most who sprout these rants are no longer watching the show.

The Simpsons has developed such a diverse cast of characters and utilizes Springfield as a microcosm of the world in such a way that another 500 episodes should not be viewed as improbable, but rather desirous.  I will concede that the show does not write “touching” episodes as often as it did in its apex.  And it was in those “touching” episodes, where satire and sentiment perfectly fuse, that some of my favorite moments occurred (see Bart Sells His Soul and Mother Simpson, both season 7). But, since the show went HD (in season 20), it has been consistently creative and still delivers on the laughs. I entreat you, do not turn your back on the Church of Bart but return to the flock.

Favorite lines:

“You want I should spray some of my Jerk Off on you.”

“Manning up, manning up.  Ohhhh. Girling down, girling down.”

“You can’t leave society!  Humanity is on an inexorable upward march.  Or, at least was, until the year 2000.”

4 out of 5 bears 

And now for some The Simpsons news…

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