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Nurse 3D

Return of the Killer Care Staff – The ‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer Arrives

Nurse 3D is a film that has been on a bit of a slow burn since it was completed over 2 years ago. For whatever reason Lionsgate felt the need to hold this back, maybe they wondered how the hell they were going to market this ty...
by Adam Parker-Edmondston


Grizzly’s Casting Couch: ‘X-Force’

With the recently rumored X-Force film in development with Fox, speculation has begun over the possible members of the team and of course, who would be playing said mutants. Obviously there are no characters confirmed at this...
by Scott Fraser

Trailer Roundup

Trailer Roundup: Piranha 3DD, Neighborhood Watch, Frankenweenie and More!

Piranha 3DD Having awoken from their spring break extravaganza at Lake Victoria, the swarm heads upstream where they look to make a meal out of Big Wet, a local water park where when it comes to fun, nobody does it wetter! Thou...
by Scott Fraser



Grizzly Links: Batman, Danny Devito, and Katrina Bowden

- Green Lantern Review – Radioactive Swamp Ass: Wow. A little harsher than my thoughts, but not a bad writeup. Since we haven’t doing a GL review, I’ll give you this one by Dustin Rowles.  [Pajiba] - Universi...
by Brian Kronner

Tucker and Dale

‘In Case You Missed It’ Review – Tucker & Dale vs Evil

This is perfect for the ‘In Case You Missed It’ moniker, because smart money says – you did. It played hardly anywhere and was slid threw completely under the radar. This movie is currently touting a 7.6 on IM...
by Brian Kronner


Hasslehoff + Piranha + 3D = OMFG

If there was anything that could put Piranha 3DD over the top for best worst movie ever, it would be this bit of news from IGN: David Hasselhoff has been cast in the latest water-terror film, Piranha 3DD, Dimension Films has...
by Stephen Sanchez


I said, good day sir!

Piranha 3DD!

Piranha 3D was a decent horror flick. (More like a comedy for me) It must have had a good budget because the special effects weren’t too bad and they had quite a few recognizable faces in it. You would probably call actor...
by Stephen Sanchez