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‘American Horror Story’ Renewed for 3rd Season! Who Will Return?

Surprise, surprise.  American Horror Story is killing it once again, and fans are screaming for more.  Well, we’re all in luck.  Only half way through their second season, and it has been confirmed that AHS will return for...
by M. Neumann

AHS Leadin

Get Ready for ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’

Would it be too bold to say that American Horror Story gave us some of the most entertaining horror we have ever seen on television? With 17 Emmy nominations, I feel it’s an appropriate statement. However, this is the sam...
by M. Neumann

Lookin' a tad bit creepy there buddy.

Grizzly Review: The Vow

Sometimes as a guy, you just have to bite the bullet. This could mean a lot of things, like buying your girlfriend tampons at the store or having to sit through two whole episodes of Glee. This weekend I had to bite the bullet ...
by Stephen Sanchez



FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ – ‘Pilot’ Review

What. The. Shit. Those three words could pretty much define this pilot episode. There has been a lot of build up for American Horror Story whether through our site or the other entertainment sites. Whether it be from the co-cre...
by Chris Tansuche


FX’s new hush-hush drama ‘American Horror Story’

As some of you may know, I am a Glee fanatic. Most people – at best – tolerate that about me. I always said that the reason Glee is so well received by ladies my age is because of the original concept. It is geared...
by Michelle Lynn