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T-Shirt Roundup Special: Video Game Mashup Tees

Video Games have come a long way, from their humble 8-bit beginnings to the massively expansive entertainment universe we have today. People have always had a fascination with being part of a world that unfolds around us as we help guide and shape it. The characters from this form of entertainment have become iconic, and it’s no great surprise that artists have taken these stars and put them into other mediums.

This is what the mashup genre is all about, and never has it flourished more than in videos and art. Here is a collection of unusual t-shirts that are worth putting your dollar down for. As it is the holiday season I have avoided one day only t-shirt sales, but sites like Tee Fury, Qwertee, Shirt Punch and Ript Apparel are all good places to shop for gifts!

Artist friendly site Cult Collective have just started in the t-shirt business, but have had great success so far. Their first design (now sold out) was the Matt Ferguson piece The World’s Finest Tee (pictured below), but their latest endeavour takes one of Mario and Luigi’s popular villains and gives him a makeover.

t shirt round up worlds finest tee

The Bob-Omb by artist Mark Chilcott gives us a more naked Bob-Omb than previously seen in the Super Mario Brothers games, and the attention to detail and design is great. It is almost a shame that it is just going to get blown up in a futile attempt to stop the moustached brothers! The shirt is limited to a run of 100 and comes with its own certificate, so if you fancy having the clockwork stylings of a retro based bomb then now is the time to act.

t shirt round up bob-omb

t-shirt round up video game cult collective 3

Red Bubble also has quite the handle on the video game mashup genre, with a wide selection of items for sale. The great thing about their website page layout is that (much like Cult Collective) there is a big emphasis on the creator; with each having their own page on the site where you can view the t-shirt illustrations for yourself in one go. Below is a selection of a few of them.

Timothy Lim has created numerous mashup sensations. A lot of his work combines established pop culture items (be it music, films, etc) and then gives it his own twist. There is a lot of variety here, but it seems that Timothy may have a soft spot for Nintendo, with Mario and Co. turning up in quite a few of his designs.

Next up is Gavacho13 (I am guessing not his real name) who has done an incredible mashup using Street Fighter 2 characters, but re-imagined as Sesame Street characters. Luckily you can have your favorite character on a shirt, or get all of the beauties combined on one tee.

Naolito, Aaron Morales and Baznet both have their own mashup styles. Naolito takes the love of video game characters and makes them even more lovable by turning every design into a super cute creation. Aaron has a similar technique only his creations are a lot more cartoony and animation based, while Baznet covers lots of different pop culture designs, but it is his retro gaming styled tees of popular film scenes which really grabs your attention. You can see a selection of their work below.

Of course there are tons more mash-up artists on the world-wide web and the possibility of getting them all in one article is quite frankly impossible. Saying that though, numerous Google searches have managed reveal a few more artists that may be of interest. Glennz (Line up Mario), Kineda (the super cute Street Fighter 2 Tees), T-Shirt Bordello (Mario vs. a Dalek), Tee Public (Family Guy Link designed by Mike Handy Art), Super Hero Stuff (Paranormal Pacman) and Found Item Clothing (8 Bit Indy) help round-up the mashup experience.

All these tees are available via the links provided and all vary in price. With the tip of the iceberg covered with mashup video game shirts, it seems that Nintendo reigns supreme in fan’s hearts when it comes to this kind of thing, with Mario especially coming out on top. Maybe in 2015 we will get change to see more Sega and other console stars showcased in a more prominent position. Until then this selection should keep any gaming fan pleased until the next selection of tees become available.  For more information on other t-shirt designs, why not check out the t-shirt round up section here on Grizzly Bomb?

Images: Nintendo, Tee Public, T-Shirt Bordello, Kineda,
Found Item Clothing, Red Bubble, Cult Collective, Capcom

Grizzly Bomb Doctor Who Special – Wind Down with 6 Who Novelty Songs

So the dust has settled and that magical night is over. The Day of the Doctor has ended and that brings a close to the 50th Anniversary celebrations. But if you Whovians are not quite ready to let that buzz fade (or maybe you have been one of the unlucky ones and did not actually get chance to see the episode and want some boosting up before you watch it) then do not worry as Grizzly Bomb is right here with you and we have compiled a selection of some of the craziest Doctor Who songs ever to emerge out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. These quirky musical hits (or misses depending on your view) are the perfect way to keep The Doctor fresh in your mind. So get your sand shoes (little in joke there) on and start to boogie on down with The Doctor!

Orbital at Glastonbury 2010 – Doctor Who Theme

doctor who music orbital

So this is not exactly your typical novelty song I admit, but the novelty behind it is that Matt Smith himself turns up on stage to rave out with the Orbital crew. With its techno beats mixing in with the iconic Doctor Who theme tune, it will really get your feet moving and your blood pumping. Who can resist seeing Matt Smith on stage at Glastonbury? Certainly not I!

Who’s Who – Roberta Tovey – 1965

doctor who music whos who

We are going off canon now as we look at a cheesy little number from 1965 with companion Susan (played by Roberta Tovey). She was not a companion of the BBC Doctor however. Nope, she was Peter Cushing’s assistant from the two Doctor Who movies Doctor Who and the Daleks and Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD. Though Cushing was a great Doctor, he is not considered a Time Lord as he was a creator of sorts who had made the TARDIS himself. This tune is equal measures of horrible and compelling and is a product of its age, but it is quirky enough for you to warrant having a listen to it.

I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek – The Go Go’s – 1964

doctor who music the go gos

If you thought Roberta Tovey tune was cheesy, then brace yourself because The Go Go’s are about to turn your world upside down! Considering that the festive season is upon us, the last thing most of us are thinking about is inviting Daleks over for rum pudding and custard but The Go Go’s did! This is actually a parody song with the Daleks shouting “I love you” in a slightly unnerving way while pop rock plays in the background. Again it’s a song that’s awful yet strangely appealing and it does have that unfortunate quality of sticking in your head long after you have heard it.

Who’s Doctor Who – Frazier Hines – 1960

doctor who songs whos doctor who

Another companion takes to the stage but this time it is Jamie, The Doctor’s second companion. While Tovey’s tune is a bit cheesy and The Go Go’s is just plain weird, this song is quite rocking. The lyrics are pretty dire with lines like, “Whooooooo is Doctor Who” belting out for the chorus and the whole thing has a very flower power feel. But in the back ground is some great metal guitar work making this a strange yet great musical mix.

Doctor in Distress – 1985

doctor who music doctor in distress

During the Colin Baker years, Doctor Who was taken off air for a year and fans thought that this would be the last time we would see any time traveling adventures. So in true fundraising fashion, a charity single was put out (for Cancer Research) to try and keep The Doctor on our screens and alive in people’s memories. With a list of slightly famous people and Doctor Who stars Colin Baker (The Doctor), Peri Brown (companion), Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) and Anthony Ainley (The Master) all singing, it’s very apparent that this was never going to be a Band Aid classic. It’s pretty difficult to watch and most of the parties behind it have admitted it wasn’t the best, but boy is it funny to watch now! The Doctor did return but it is highly doubtful that this record helped in any way towards getting him back on television.

I am the Doctor – John Pertwee – 1972

doctor who music john pertwee

This all time classic novelty song had, for the first time, an actual Doctor singing his way through the charts. John Pertwee goes the William Shatner route of singing, with his monologue having some incredible lyrics like, “Through cosmic waste the T.A.R.D.I.S flies, to taste the secret sauce of life.” Okay so it was supposed to be source rather than sauce but boy did it make me giggle! It has all the qualities a great novelty song should have (cheesy lyrics, a catchy tune and a just plain bonkers concept) and it seems a fine place to end our musical history tour through Doctor Who’s world.

5 KickStarter Projects That Need Your Help!

Grizzly Bomb has gone KickStarter crazy! After the release of the Kick Starter Chronicles, it seemed the best way to follow this up would be with (you guessed it) another article on KickStarter! Here are 5 small projects which could use a cash injection from you, the dear reader.

30 Years of Garbage – The Garbage Pail Kids Story by Sean Tiedeman

kick starter garbage pail kids

For a generation of children, The Garbage Pail Kids were the naughtiest thing since Mad Magazine. Always gross and disturbing, they were also hugely collectable as a card set and even more fun when they introduced small figures to collect. Kids in the school yard would take great joy in showing off their collections and these small children soon grew into adults that saw these items as collectables, a memory of their childhood they could now own. Well this project celebrates the 30 year history of these misfit children with a proposed documentary on the subject which proves to delve deep into the reasons why we love these gross out kids so much.


Twenty Four by Thirty Six – Documentary on Movie Posters by Kevin Burke

kick starter poster art

Grizzly Bomb loves celebrating artwork and with the rise of Mondo, the collecting of poster art has sky rocketed. You have to be a very lucky customer to get hold of Mondo prints nowadays, but this desire for collecting poster art is not a new thing. We have always been fascinated by the gorgeous art of posters which years before the internet were the best way of getting people into the cinema seats. It is this love of poster art which the documentary TwentyFour proudly covers. With the top poster artists of this generation involved and a look back into the history of this art form, this will be incredible movie and a stunning example of some of the best art examples and artists out there.


 Hollywood is Dead Coffee Table Art Book by Matt Busch

kick starter hollywood is dead

Just when you thought there could not be any more amazing artwork projects on KickStarter after Twenty-Four, this beauty comes along. Matt Busch is a superb artist who has done some incredible pieces of art, but for this reviewer, it is his zombie work that intrigues the most. If you are unfamiliar with his work then this book could be the perfect jumping in point. Matt creates some of the most grotesque reproductions of popular posters by turning everyone on them into zombies. This book will cover all his artwork and some added extras. If you like zombies or just like some blooming good artwork, then this is going to be the book for you.

Banjo Feature Film by Liam Regan

kick starter banjo

From my homeland of the UK, comes Liam Regan with his proposed movie Banjo. Now I first saw the short Banjo at a Horror convention in the UK and it blew me away. Liam is a huge Troma fan and his original short shared that companies sense of humor and splatter effects all mixed in with a truly shocking ending which made quite a few of the male audience members winch in shock. Now Banjo could become a feature film if it gets the funding and it would be great to see this shocking little short padded out into an even more shocking feature film. If his promo trailer is anything to go by then it will be incredible. Be warned the trailer is for adults only.


Wrestling with Pixels – The World Tour of Wrestling Games by Audun Sorlie and Matthew Greg

kick starter pixel wrestling

Fans of wrestling and computer gaming can rejoice because finally there is a book for you. This book (from some of the team behind the hilarious Botchamania shows) titled Wrestling with Pixels covers the entire history of wrestling in computer games. The book not only covers the history of this genre of entertainment but also looks into how some of the key players felt about these games, the strict control of the content of these games and the links between games and wrestling. As a subject that has never been approached in detail before, this will be an incredible read for fans of computer games and wrestling alike.


Finally, because we recently celebrated the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary, we leave you with an already funded KickStarter Project which will amaze every Whovian and will give us all something to think about when we look into the night sky.

 kick starter tardis in space

James Hance’s Relentlessly Cheerful Art

Relentlessly Cheerful Art is the name of artist James Hance’s website (As well as the title of this article. Clever, eh?) and it also happens to best describe his work. But before looking at his stuff it may be best if we get to know the man and who better to do that than his own UK website?

For those browsing over here who are unfamiliar with James he is an Englishman who defected to the dark side… Now living in the sunny state of Florida he produces a constant outpouring of brilliance that delights fans; new and old.  His work feeds on something that was rooted deep down inside of many of us at an early age.  Luckily he’s feeding on our smiles and pumping out pure joy.

His work references many aspects of pop culture as well as more classical art works. Whatever the project though it will always raise a smile and unite generations with the playful, fun nature that is a constant in everything he does.

With the introductions out-of-the-way we can concentrate on what makes James’s work so great; namely his love of pop culture and his amazing art skills. Hance’s favorite shows appear throughout his prints and he uses them to great effect by injecting them into other already existing pieces. Shows like Firefly and Doctor Who are joined with Pixar productions and Labyrinth, all melding into one another to create brand new entities.  His most famous/adorable creation is probably Wookiee the Chew, a mash-up of Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh. But Hance’s muse for painting has to The Muppets, which he constantly uses in his work. Here’s a sample of his extensive gallery:

james hance batman james hance big daddy james hance doc 1 james hance doc 2 james hance doctor james hance fire frog james hance firefly james hance fuzzy and red james hance labyrinth james hance loki james hance meep james hance muppet creation james hance muppets kick ass james hance peter james hance up sw james hance wild things james hance wookie the chew

james hance doctor future james hance marty james hance serenity scooby

It’s clear from looking at his art that James has a huge love for pop culture. They’re the equivalent of a nice warm hug. It’s hard not to smile when seeing these creations on the web or on your wall. His style is very diverse, with numerous techniques been used depending on the subject. He has a great knack for knowing which subject will look better painted a certain way, which you can see in the gallery above. If you like his work you can buy it from his website. With December fast approaching this would seem the best time to have a look at James’s incredible art and get them on your Christmas list pronto.

Grizzly Bomb T-Shirt Round-Up Special – Doctor Who Tees

For us Doctor Who fans, we all know that The Doctor likes to look his best when traveling through time or even when he is eating jelly beans with his companions in the T.A.R.D.I.S. His clothing styles over the years have defiantly been unique and have always caught the eye. But how can we mere mortals match The Doctors snappy dress sense? Well, the closest we can come to it is wearing some of these incredible T-Shirts which you can see below. Culled from numerous parts of the Internet, they all share one common factor: The Doctor. It is the fans’ love of this character that has provided inspiration to these incredible mash ups. There are many more designs out there, this is but a small taste of what is around right now.

doctor who tees 3d doctor who tees automotons doctor who tees back future doctor who tees back future 2 doctor who tees biff doctor who tees boo doctor who tees candy man doctor who tees card face tennant doctor who tees cereal doctor who tees comic doctor who tees copies doctor who tees dali doctor who tees doctors doctor who tees doctors shirts doctor who tees fez doctor who tees full tardis doctor who tees futurama doctor who tees lego doctor who tees mst 3000 doctor who tees nes 2 doctor who tees owls doctor who tees oz doctor who tees rock em doctor who tees running doctor who tees shhh doctor who tees snow man doctor who tees spiderman doctor who tees toy story doctor who tees whodini doctor who tees xmas jumper

Whovians who enjoyed this selection of Tees should keep their eyes peeled for our regular monthly roundup of T-shirts which covers all the latest releases and popular T-shirt trends.

The Doctor’s Adventures with the BBC – A Grizzly Bomb Doctor Who Special

The Time Lord is fast approaching his 50th Anniversary special so what better time to look at some of his more unusual appearances on his home station, the BBC, than now. Having a time machine does have its advantages and it makes the Doctor able to appear in some of the strangest places. Here is a very small sampling of some of his adventures in time and space.

1. Dimensions in Time  from Children in Need (1993)

Children in Need is a yearly event to raise money for the said charity in question and the Doctor has appeared countless times. This appearance was a special for the Doctor Who fans because it was a delayed celebration of his 30th anniversary (something the BBC did not properly complete because they pulled the series). It is a strange short with Tom Baker really hamming it up in his small role and a welcome return of John Pertwee (his last on-screen appearance as the Doctor) as well as many other companions and Doctor regenerations. The short is set in the fictional town Albert Square (from UK soap opera Eastenders), which adds an even weirder feel to it. It is not the greatest appearance of the Time Lord but for novelty alone it certainly is a worth a view.

2. Tennant meets Davidson from Children in Need (2007)

This is another Children in Need short and is a heck of a lot of fun. Due to some temporal mix up Peter Davidson’s Doctor meets up with David Tennant’s Doctor for a brief visit in the T.A.R.D.I.S. Although short, it is a great piece of writing and very tongue in cheek with Tennant’s Doctor giving reasons for Davidson’s more rotund appearance and a very heartfelt piece about what Peter Davidson’s Doctor meant to people.

3. Red Nose Day 2011 Rowan Atkinson as The Doctor

Red Nose Day like Children in Need is a yearly fundraiser with the emphasis on jokes for cash. Here Rowan Atkinson (of Mr Bean and Blackadder fame) puts his own comical spin on The Doctor. This has the funniest use of regenerations you will see this side of Gallifrey. It’s obvious the team behind this love Doctor Who and even for a comedy they keep the general feel of the show alive.

4. Red Dwarf Night (1997)

While the popular UK Sci-Fi show Red Dwarf celebrated with a full night showcasing its history, a certain Doctor Who menace popped up to voice their dismay at the series. Those pesky Daleks get every where it seems!

5. The Science of Doctor Who

Professor Brian Cox takes us through Doctor Who’s world and explains in detail how parts of the show could be explained by science. The great thing about this short (aside from the breathtaking array of scientific knowledge Mr Cox throws out at you) is the fact that the show is inter-cut with a pre-recorded section where Brian walks into the T.A.R.D.I.S and meets Matt Smith’s Doctor and basically becomes his new companion for half an hour. Silly, yet entertaining, it plays out like a little mini episode of the show.

6. Doctor Who At the Proms (2012)

What could be better than celebrating some of the best in classical musical tunes? Well if you throw Doctor Who in there it certainly helps! This show was superb not only because we got to hear some classic Doctor Who tunes belted out by a live orchestra, but also because The Doctor (Matt Smith) and some of his friends popped in throughout the thing to say hi!

7. Olympics 2012 Doctor Who Sound Effect

During the 2012 London Olympics Danny Boyle put on a montage covering all that is great about Britain. During this montage a very distinct sound can be heard, that’s right, it’s the sound of the T.A.R.D.I.S. It is only heard for a few seconds, but the fact it was used at all at such a big event helps to show how much Doctor Who has become part of the UK zeitgeist.

8. Lenny Henry as Doctor Who (1985)

This was an ongoing spoof sketch featuring the comedian Lenny Henry as The Doctor. It feels a little dated today, but anyone that fancies seeing black 80s comedians take on The Doctor should be well advised to check it out.

9. David Tennant on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (2009)

David Tennant is the special guest on this musical comedy quiz show. But the show is so crammed packed with references to Doctor Who every fan should really check it out. Not only do we get to see The T.A.R.D.I.S and The Ood (as well as Tennant mucking about which is always fun) the guests on each of the teams is Catherine Tate (Tennant’s former Doctor Who companion) and Bernard Cribben (Catherine’s Tate’s granddad in the series) so it’s full of Doctor Who goodness.

10. Christmas Day with The Doctors from Dead Ringers (2005)

A comedy show from the BBC where impressionist Jon Culshaw would regularly put Doctor Who in weird places (seeing Tom Baker having trouble buying a ticket is brilliant). This episode is great because of the sheer amount of Doctors being parodied. It is worth it just to see Tom Baker’s Doctor getting annoyed because he has yet another scarf for Christmas!

11. Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who

As we come close to seeing a brand new Doctor it is great to relive this small scene where he is actually introduced to us. The whole show was a pleasant puff piece, mainly padding out 10 minutes of info into half and hour. But the excitement felt while watching this live and waiting to see who had been chosen was incredible. Watching it again even if this is the first time you do get a feeling of wonderment knowing we have a brand new Time Lord to take us through 2014.

12. The Night of the Doctor – Spoilers

To end this article with a bang, we leave you with this mini episode in preparation for the big 50th episode. No doubt huge Doctor Who fans will already know about this incredible short which will have all fans hair standing on the back of their necks. But for those who have managed to stay away from the hype then all I will say about it is that it has the return of one of the most underused Doctors in Time Lord History. SPOILER ALERT Yes Paul McGann returns to the role of The Doctor after 17 years. This little gem should keep most Who fans happy until the 50th. So until then enjoy.

Oh okay, here is one more video to help you rock the day away. Welcome to the stage The Time Lords with their 1988 novelty hit Doctorin the Tardis.

Grizzly Bomb T-Shirt Roundup – October 2013

Welcome lovers of fine art printed onto clothing, it is time to once again look at some of the incredible shirts spread across the internet in the latest installment of the Grizzly Bomb T-Shirt Roundup for October of 2013! This time I have noticed some more trends appearing in T-Shirt design recently with a move towards Art Nouveau style and more shirts having the column montage design you see so often in film posters (look here too see what I mean). But do not worry, as the mash-up shirt is just as popular as it ever was and there are plenty of those designs to please everyone.

Other Tees, as usual, have some great designs. The Japanese inspired Star Wars design especially stands out as a truly stunning piece of work but for humour, you cannot go wrong with their take on a certain apprentice getting a hard lesson on fighting.

T- Shirt T- Shirt

T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt

Qwertee collection had a nice mix of fan friendly fodder with a great Pulp Fiction T-Shirt inspired by a piece of popular art and the meeting between Monty Python and Star Wars is always a welcome treat for fans.

tshirt roundup sep qwertee back to the future tshirt roundup sep qwertee doctor who tshirt roundup sep qwertee poe tshirt roundup sep qwertee pulp fiction tshirt roundup sep qwertee simon pegg tshirt roundup sep qwertee snorelax tshirt roundup sep qwertee sw python

Red Bubble so many amazing designs this month that they almost took over all of the T-Shirt Roundup article! You can see why with a great mix of mash up T-Shirt designs as well as some truly inventive images like the Jaws shirt and the great arcade game design based on 80’s movie characters.

tshirt roundup sep shirt punch alf tshirt roundup sep shirt punch aliens tshirt roundup sep shirt punch boba fett tshirt roundup sep shirt punch dexter 1 tshirt roundup sep shirt punch dexter 2 tshirt roundup sep shirt punch doctor who tshirt roundup sep shirt punch drive tshirt roundup sep shirt punch futurama tshirt roundup sep shirt punch gremlins tshirt roundup sep shirt punch hoodor tshirt roundup sep shirt punch ironman tshirt roundup sep shirt punch jaws tshirt roundup sep shirt punch mario tshirt roundup sep shirt punch orko BATTLE_TEEFURY tshirt roundup sep shirt punch skeletor tshirt roundup sep shirt punch stan lee tshirt roundup sep shirt punch star wars tshirt roundup sep shirt punch star wars 2 tshirt roundup sep shirt punch street fighter tshirt roundup sep shirt punch street fighter 80s LOVE MACHINE 2 tshirt roundup sep shirt punch thundercats tshirt roundup sep shirt punch thunderctas tshirt roundup sep shirt punch who vs potter

TeeFury an absolutely stunning Sherlock shirt for sale and that was not all. They also had a great selection of Doctor Who designs and a Game of Thrones one that has to be one of the cutest designs for this series I have seen.

tshirt roundup sep tfury doctor who tshirt roundup sep tfury doctor who 2 tshirt roundup sep tfury et starwars tshirt roundup sep tfury game of thrones tshirt roundup sep tfury gameboy tshirt roundup sep tfury ironman tshirt roundup sep tfury sherlock

Last but not least is The Yetee with their collection of T-Shirts. Look out for the retro gaming ones on show as well as the great Jurassic Park design. Don’t forget to join us next month for another search through the gallery of online T- Shirt suppliers all complied for you through Grizzly Bombs T- Shirt Roundup!

T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt T- Shirt

Grizzly Bomb T-Shirt Round Up: September 2013

So here we all are again with another round up of the eclectic and superb world of T-shirt design. August was an incredibly good month for shirt prints, with a ton of new designs coming out covering pretty much every part of fandom you can think of. So without further ado let’s crack on and see what we shall see hey?

Other Tees had some interesting shirts up for sale including a very clever spin on Doctor Who and a great Wash shirt which instantly reminds us of why we love that character so much. My favorite however has to be the simple designed Spirited Away shirt which has one of my favorite creatures from that film doing what they do best, causing a mess!

t shirt round up sep other tees 42

t shirt round up sep other tees doctor

t shirt round up sep other tees firefly

t shirt round up sep other tees freddy

t shirt round up sep other tees lord of the rings

t shirt round up sep other tees soot

Moving on to Red Bubble now and they had some great Transformers tees as well as a wonderful version of a not so well known Simpsons character. Also the Ren and Stimpy style He-Man T-shirt made me smile.

t shirt round up sep red bubble bacon

t shirt round up sep red bubble energon

t shirt round up sep red bubble ff7

t shirt round up sep red bubble ghosts

t shirt round up sep red bubble grim lock

t shirt round up sep red bubble he men

t shirt round up sep red bubble sharks

t shirt round up sep red bubble transformers

Not much from Ript Apparel this month but what they did have blew me away. The Legend shirt was utter genius while the Castlevania styled Arkham T-shirt looked incredible. Toy Walker the Toy Story / The Walking Dead mash up makes Toy Story seem that much creepy!

t shirt round up sep rift arkham

t shirt round up sep rift legend

t shirt round up sep rift walking dead

Shirt Punch was bulging at the seams with new clothes for sale with a lot of cool mash up tees but also some nice film related shirts which would make any fan boy or girl happy. The Totoro shirt is the most surreal but inspired shirt I think I have ever had the pleasure of encountering.

Hello Mah Honey

t shirt round up sep shirt punch american dad


t shirt round up sep shirt punch doc who

t shirt round up sep shirt punch hitgirl

Orkos 4

t shirt round up sep shirt punch pee wee

t shirt round up sep shirt punch sherlock

t shirt round up sep shirt punch street fighter

t shirt round up sep shirt punch totoro

t shirt round up sep shirt punch turtles

Tee Craze is a new company I recently found out about and they have some great pieces for sale but these three were the cream of the crop. I love the Gremlins/Marvel Comics style shirt which gave a nice spin on the cult movies and let’s be honest you can never have to many Gremlins shirts.

t shirt round up sep tee craze wash

t shirt round up sep tee crazy incredible plumber

t shirt round up sep tee crazy mischievous gremlin

Tee Fury never disappoints with its selection of shirts and this month is no exception. The Clash of the Titans shirt is a cheeky spin on the holiday promotional posters you can see in numerous shops but the real joy here has to be the Game of Thrones shirt with one of the unsung heroes of the show Hodor.

t shirt round up sep tee fury clash of titans

t shirt round up sep tee fury rose

t shirt round up sep tee fury tim burton

t shirt round up sep tee fury zombie link

t shirt round up sep tee hodor

Last but not least we have Yetee with its selection of pop culture shirts. Some really nice Lego styled ones here and at long last we have a really great looking Earthworm Jim shirt. Make sure to join us again next month for even more T-shirt shenanigans!

t shirt round up sep yetee atari

t shirt round up sep yetee drive

t shirt round up sep yetee earthworm jim

t shirt round up sep yetee ghouls and ghosts

t shirt round up sep yetee it crowd

t shirt round up sep yetee mario

t shirt round up sep yetee wrang

Doctor Who Has a New Time Lord! Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor!

The British population has had cause to celebrate recently with a new baby joining the royal blood line. But the only event Whovians have been waiting to celebrate is the regeneration of our favorite time lord. Matt Smith is standing down from playing The Doctor, and for the last few weeks fans have sat staring at their computer screens waiting for the day when the new actor or actress who will play The Doctor will be revealed. Even we here at Grizzly Bomb had our own guesses as to who the 12th Doctor might be. Just a few hours before the show aired, we got a sneak peek into the gender of The Doctor. The Mirror reported that celebrity photographer Rankin let it slip with the below tweet that it was indeed a man scheduled to play the role.

new doctor who tweet

Then just after this over on BBC website we had the news that the BBC had possibly messed up and accidently released the news on their website of who was going to be the 12th Doctor. The image below shows the URL for a blank page on their website with Welsh in the title.

new doctor who url

Now the only Welsh actor this could mean is Aneurin Barnard, who was one of the many people put on the possible list of Doctor Who potentials. This was proved to be a fake by Entertainment Wise with the fact that twelveth is spelled wrong, and the way that the tag in the URL can be changed to pretty much anything and still go back to the same holding page. Entertainment Wise also had this interesting piece of information which is quoted below further debunking this idea.

“I think that was someone on gallifreybase.com whose username is ‘Welsh_Hero’ proving the point about changing the URL”

The BBC knows how big a deal this is (even with the above mentioned mishap) and had scheduled a show just to reveal this information to us. Ironic really, as not so long ago they cancelled the series because they believed no one had any interest in it. The success of Doctor Who in the States has certainly helped keep the show alive and well. Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor was an over the top half hour of history, pundits thoughts and even former Doctors (Peter Davidson popped up to give his advice on how to play the role) showing up to share the fun. But by the show’s end (and the BBC milked this reveal for all it was worth) we finally got to know what we had been waiting for so long. Who is the new Doctor?

photo credit: doctorwho.tumblr.com
photo credit: doctorwho.tumblr.com

The answer to this question can now be revealed, and it is Peter Capaldi. This is incredible news! Peter is most famous for playing Malcolm Tucker in the superb BBC show The Thick of It, but Who fans may remember him from the episode The Fires of Pompeii. He is a fantastic actor and also a fan, so he will bring his own spin to the new series. I love the fact it is an older actor playing the Doctor which harks back to the early days of Who’s history. Will he play a darker doctor, perhaps with a Scottish accent? Hopefully yes to both. This could not have turned out better for Doctor Who fans. Keep reading Grizzly Bomb to find out how he gets on.

new doctor who peter

Grizzly Bomb T-Shirt Roundup: August 2013

As the months get ever closer to the Christmas session (it will be here before you know it!) we at Grizzly Bomb once again look through the various websites online to bring you some of the more interesting examples of t-shirt designs. Some old favourites and one or two new arrivals here and as always keep your eyes open for them as these limited edition tees tend to sell out pretty darn fast.

First up is Fright Rags that does some incredible horror related shirts and cover pretty much every type of horror you can think of. I was especially impressed with their Tar Man t-shirt from Return of the Living Dead with a free mask to!

t shirt round up august toxic

t shirt round up august tar man

Shirt Punch have supplied us with a ton of fantastic designed shirts and with designs that include a cute as can be Jawa / Wall E meet up and an amazing Chewie and Han shirt this is always a company to keep your eye on.

Just the one t-shirt from Rift Apparel this month, but it is a great combination of two of my favorite things Monty Python and The Walking Dead.

t shirt round up august walking dead

Tee Fury has these shirts on offer with one incredible tension filled Back to the Future shirt that blew me away.

t shirt round up august back to the future

t shirt round up august terminator

Qwertee had one of my favourite t-shirts in their collection of prints which shows a certain Transformer at a young age struggling with a childhood toy we all know and love. They also have another shirt that would give Doctor Who fans nightmares for weeks!

t shirt round up august burton

t shirt round up august doctor who

t shirt round up august transformers

The Yetee had an inspired Doctor Who t-shirt in their collection but what stood out most for me was their excellent villains line up which had some familiar favourites from my childhood.

t shirt round up august doctor who 2

t shirt round up august segat shirt round up august star trekt shirt round up august villains

Then finally we go to Red Bubble which has a hilarious Where’s Waldo shirt that really had me chuckling in front of the computer. Not a pleasant sight for my fiancée that walked in on me during this fit of chuckles!

t shirt round up august total recall

t shirt round up august totoro

t shirt round up august unicorn

t shirt round up august zombie

t shirt round up august waldo

Don’t forget to keep checking Grizzly Bomb for more t-shirts designs every month.