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AMC Announces The Walking Dead Spin-off Series

Like buses, announcements in Hollywood tend to come in at least twos. Only last week, it was confirmed that AMC are prepping a prequel spin-off series of Breaking Bad focusing on Saul Goodman. Now AMC have announced what the...
by James Henshaw

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Breaking Bad 5.14 – Ozymandias

Actors: , , , ,

5 / 5 - \"Back to the Future\" Good
by Ryan Croft

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Breaking Bad Fans Rejoice As ‘Better Call Saul’ Greenlit

As the final three episodes of Breaking Bad air in the coming weeks, fans have been anxiously waiting for the conclusion, yet sad at the ending of this incredible world the show has created. Luckily, it seems it won’t be...
by Ryan Croft



Walking Dead Season 4 Tease Last Night Makes Us Ask If It’s October Yet

Last night during Low Winter Sun, AMC took the opportunity to tease us with a short scene from The Walking Dead season 4. The clip doesn’t reveal much in the way of story, but we do get a glimpse at the beefed up prison ...
by James Henshaw

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The Walking Dead: Behind the Scenes of Season 4

Fans of The Walking Dead, there is a new video out from AMC! It shows the cast behind the scenes of season 4. It seems there is much to look forward to, such as farm lands, larger hoards of walkers, and an immense threat on the...
by Michelle Lynn


AMC Prepares for ‘Area 51′, Boots Out ‘The Killing’

AMC acknowledges that times are going to get pretty tough soon. Mad Men is heading into its swan song final season. Breaking Bad is about to end. They botched The Killing which resulted in the show being canceled, and Walking ...
by Chris Tansuche


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Breaking Bad/AMC Being Dropped By Dish Network!

Breaking Bad is arguably the best show on television right now, and along with its stellar cast, directing, writing and acting, it’s one of the most engaging stories I’ve ever seen. So engaging, that it’s only...
by Adam Popovich