Brian Kronner: President/Founder

As a 29-year-old, Ex-Video Store Clerk, burdened with an undying loyalty to the Detroit Lions, I can sympathize with people who stay in abusive relationships. In addition to football, I also have an unhealthy obsession with Batman, which causes many people to not take me seriously. Shocking. I formerly spent near 2 years writing for Bam Kapow, and was the controlling force and editor behind the site for a better part of my time there. When I left I wanted a new outlet, as well as a chance to work with some other writers I know, so I started Grizzly Bomb, and because of our work here, I am now also writing for Geek Magazine. Boom.


Grizzly Bomb is my baby.
Below are the people helping me raise it…


Darth BD

Stephen Sanchez: Co-Founder/Occasionally Productive

The Force’ isn’t real. ‘Middle Earth’ does not in fact exist. There is no Gotham City, no Metropolis, not even a Coast City where superheroes abound. There is no such thing as an ‘Autonomous Robotic Organism’ that can shift into any type of vehicle. No such thing as a Jedi, Sith, or a lightsaber. But you do have to admit, life would be a lot more fun if those things did exist. Thank God for movies and books to capture these things and keep pumping life into our imaginations. I believe in two things, changing who I am and Sharks. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can’t do because then you’ll try to go on walkabouts in a wheelchair and have a strange obsession with knives. And be bald. [/box_dark] [box_light]

Supa BDScott Fraser: Admin

Comics. Movies. TV. Video Games. Writing. These are my passions. I like to argue my point, share my opinion, and write at lengths about myself and the things I love. I also write for the superhero blog The Urban 30, which you should check out immediately. I’m bringing to the fold my love for almost anything nerd related, as well as my degrading personal hygiene and unskilled writing styles. My love of Spider-Man, Kevin Smith, cartoons, Playstation 3 and everything else mentioned above will be evident to everyone. First and foremost, I love comics. I know comics. I understand comics. I freaking love comics. I write about comics over at GEEK Exchange.  Oh, and I’m Canadian.


Chris Tansuche: Admin 

Everyone has their passions in life that ignites their senses and put a smile to their face. Movies and gaming are the loves of my life. From the first moment I laid eyes on my NES on my 3rd birthday in 1986, to my dad showing me “true films” ranging from Terminator 2 and Bridge on the River Kwai when I was in elementary school, to present day where Nazi zombies meet their maker online, I knew that I had a place amongst the geeks in the world. Plus I’m an attention whore with an unhealthy attachment to technology. So writing my thoughts on our media-dominated world seemed to be the next obvious step. Besides, I couldn’t let my buddy Kronner have all the fun. Someone has to be the calm, logical writer out of these band of hooligans.

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Amanda DentonAmanda Denton: Admin

If there is a television anywhere on the premises, I am more than likely watching it. If there is a computer around, I am most likely watching the aforementioned television while playing on the internet. I’m your classic fangirl – whether it is TV shows, movies, video games, books, comics, baseball, football… I’m all over it. As much as I love the English language, I’ve been known to use and abuse punctuation of all sorts. Not only that, but if one word will suffice, I’ll happily and often with caps lock, use twenty.

The token Southerner (Roll Tide!), I’m married to an IT guy known as MrBunny, and talk a lot about my dogs. That’s about it. For the Alliance!

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Adam Edmonston: Author 

Hello there. Adam from the UK here. I like lots of things ranging from pretty much any type of film out there (aside from Bollywood, still cannot get a handle on that for some reason), graphic novels, wrestling (watching not performing I would really struggle to get my fat ass in tights!), literature, retro games and VHS. It’s probably because I’m getting on in age but there’s nothing better than a movie that’s been recorded on something that looks like a house brick and smells like cigarettes! In fact any movie that has The in the title and looks like it was filmed in someones back yard for £3 is right up my alley. The crappier the better.


In front of the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ House

G. Odzark: Author

I grew up in a small town called Algonac MI, and now live in Central Texas. I am an obsessive fan of Pro wrestling, MMA, comic books, punk rock, blues music, guitar solos, and horror movies. I am a Michigan State alumni, and a huge fan of Tigers baseball. I am married to an amazing young lady, Christine, who is the most supportive wife and friend that a dude could ask for. I began writing on Grizzlybomb because I had way too many opinions on MMA and pro wrestling that I needed to throw in people’s faces one way or another, and thought this would be a good outlet. After a pretty slow past 10 months, I’m almost ready to continue shoving my opinions down the worlds throat.

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Daniel WoizinskiDaniel Woizinski: Author

Stories form culture, dictate ethics and inspire wonder in people. They also make public transit bearable. Story is incredibly important to me: At 23 years old I’ve probably spent as much time in fantasy worlds as I have in the real one, picking apart the stories told in movies, TV, novels and video games. And that’s pretty much what I’ve done on the internet for the last few years. I wrote under Brian at Bam Kapow for a brief stint and then started my blog, but I’ve been one of Grizzly Bomb’s main video game authors since I joined the staff in early 2012. You can also follow me on Twitter.