If you would like to contact the author, editor, or Overlord and Almighty Ruler of this site, please send your correspondence here:

I will be sure to e-mail you back at my earliest convenience.

And Thank You for reading Grizzly Bomb!

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Kronner, love, Love, LOVE your site. Definitely something that I enjoy reading and will continue to read. Also, since I’m a pseudo metro detroiter (actually from Hell, Michigan), your pictures in the margins speak to me.

    Ok, sorry for being such a fluffer, but since bam-kapow died, your site is the only one that I really can find any enjoyment in that is comparable to

    Don’t stop fellow michiganer. Love your writing and style. If you ever need a mortgage, lemme know. 😉


  2. Keith, I genuinely appreciate it as I wasn’t sure anyone from BK had found their way over or not. Thank You for reading, hopefully we can continue to entertain you.

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