February 15, 2013

Osmosis Online and Denny’s ‘New and Improved’ Coffee

Osmois Online - Denny's Coffee

Some of us long for the day when you can actually get a good cup of coffee nearly anywhere. The world does not always allow for grinding local-roasted coffee beans at home and making magic with your Aeropress or Moka pot. Sometimes we’re on the road; sometimes we need bacon and we need it NOW NOW NOW; sometimes we’re in massive need of hangover food — all three of which are good reasons to hit up Denny’s every so often (particularly the latter). So the promise of Denny’s coming out with its “best coffee ever” is admittedly a low hurdle and the prospect of getting the “best diner coffee ever served” a pipe dream. But, still, when the restaurant rolls out a new coffee program a week ago or so, and then offers it for free on Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to at least not give it a try.

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worst coffee ever should of left it alone at least you could drink the old coffee.