May 31, 2012

Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix: All Is By My Side

As we mentioned in our 5 Spins Around the Record Shop article a couple of weeks ago, Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 from Outkast) will be starring as Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic. The film is called All Is By My Side. According to Geek Tyrant, the Darko Entertainment film will be written and directed by John Ridley. The woman who discovered Hendrix, Linda Keith, will be played by Hayley Atwell (Captain America).

Jimi Hendrix, Haley Atwell, Andre 3000, Andre Benjamin

Andre Benjamin has some film experience, but what makes him perfect for this movie (other than the fact that he looks remarkably like Hendrix) is his music background. Even when Outkast was doing incredibly poppy music, Benjamin added an old school quality to the tunes. His creative mind and natural talent makes me very excited to see this film.

All Is By My Side is being filmed in Ireland, but is going to focus on when Hendrix was working on his debut album Are You Experienced between 1966/67. The main thing I am excited to see is how Benjamin will portray Hendrix while going through that most exciting and overwhelming time in his life. I have a good feeling about this.

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