Grizzly Links: Jon Hamm, Eli Manning, and things that made me feel old...

Grizzly Links: Jon Hamm, Eli Manning, and things that made me feel old…

- 14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People: Churchill No! Bad!  [Cracked]

- Hottest Mortal Kombat Cosplay: Oh, Hey Girl!  [Heavy]

- Six Brutal Death Scenes From Non-Horror Movies: That was a good throat slash…  [Unreality]

- Game of Thrones + Beer = Awesome: Custom Beer Signs from Westeros  [Warming Glow]

- Instagram- Inspired ‘Socialmatic’ Camera: Spits out Ink Jet Prints  [C Net]

- Who Really Gives You The Best Value For Your Used Games?: I actually found this quite useful and interesting. If you trade in games, take a look…  [Gamma Squad]


- Jon Hamm Answers Questions: …From Teenage Girls  [UPROXX]

- 48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old: Ecto Cooler!!!  [BuzzFeed]

- The Call to Adventure: Official Site of Heather Anne Campbell  [HERE]

- 10 Shows that Netflix Should Revive Before ‘Jericho’: TERRIERS!!!  [Warming Glow]

- Star Wars by the Numbers: Here you go geeks. Stats + Star Wars.  [OSKOUI+OSKOUI]


The Unholy Trinity

- Ten Companies Control Everything you Buy: Appauling.  [Guyism]

- The 20 Worst TV Theme Songs of All Time: Suck on that Chachi!!  [Warming Glow]

- Incredibly Awesome PAC-MAN Fan Film: Cherries!  [Geek Tyrant]

-  Worst Black Widow Cosplay Pictures: That first guy is pretty sweet…  [Guyism]

- TV’s 20 Greatest Original (Non-Theme) Songs:Kill all the white people. But buy my record first.”  [Warming Glow]

- Eli Spoofs Big Brother Peyton’s 2007 ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit: “My names not Peyton!”  [Hollywood Reporter]

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