May 13, 2012

Law and Order: SVU – Renewed Like a Boss!

Law and Order: SVU has been renewed for a fourteenth season, according to The cop drama has been one of my personal favorite shows since I can remember. In fact, my only copy of “Good Housekeeping” has Mariska Hargitay on the cover. I love her… but I digress.

Dick Wolf [Ed. - Haha, Dick Wolf], executive producer/writer on Law and Order: SVU is also producing another NBC show airing this fall called Chicago Fire, which is a Firefighter drama. Also in the works, a reality series. Yawn.

The moral of the story is, sex sells… even if it isn’t consensual!

Look forward to seeing new episodes of SVU later this year. Well… look forward to seeing the same basic story-line, but maybe some different actors playing the abused children and pedophiles.

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