Do You Think "The Amazing Spider-Man" Is Going To Suck? Well, Sony Does.

Do You Think “The Amazing Spider-Man” Is Going To Suck? Well, Sony Does.

When the preview for The Amazing Spider-Man was released a couple of months back, many people were both confused and disappointed by the trailer’s apparent lack of excitement and promise. That skepticism has followed the film up until now and many fans of the original trilogy are crying for the touch of Sam Raimi once again.

But it seems like moviegoers aren’t the only ones who aren’t thrilled by the film’s trailer. The rumor mill has recently churned out the opinions of execs over at Sony. “Inside sources” claim they despise this film. reports:

“Of course, regardless of what they think of Amazing Spider-Man, Sony is already moving ahead on a sequel, because come on, it’s Spider-Man, but tellingly the sequel will have an all-new writing team (Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, of Star Trek and the Transformers movies). I wouldn’t be surprised to see director Marc Webb also end up on the trash heap if Amazing isn’t received well.”

Personally, I think this is another instance of studios thinking quantity over quality. The previews that I saw for the film impressed me simply because of how true it stayed to the comics. From the story of Peter Parker’s parents, to the devices he has to use to correctly shoot his webs, I feel like The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be for all the fans of the comics who felt cheated when Raimi’s trilogy refused to acknowledge some of the finer plot points in the comic (cough, cough, Gwen Stacy came before Mary-Jane Parker, cough, cough).

Granted, this reboot is coming fairly soon after Spider-Man 3, but I’m interested to see how (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb handles such a high-risk production. And when I say high-risk, I do so for two different reasons. On the financial side of things, he needs to make enough money to not only break even for the budget, but for the marketing and all that good stuff. It’s no secret that this is a pretty big chunk o’change. But, on the critical side, he’s got to not only make up for Spider-Man 3, he has to convince fans to like his version just as much, if not more than the original Raimi Spidey, something that is near impossible.

My hat is off to him. Here’s to the shred of hope that remains for The Amazing Spider-Man, who is up against The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, two films that are trying very hard to take the title of highest gross of 2012.