April 7, 2012

Grizzly Links: Teddy Ruxpin, the Swedish Chef, and an Epic…


- Worst Album Covers of All Time: No, Thank YOU for the dove.  [Tastebuds]

- ‘Justified’ Interview Erica Tazel: One of Television’s most underused characters…  [Buzz Focus]

- Spectacularly Badass LEGO Short – THE DUEL: “Very Itto Ogami… with Legos, of course.”  [Geek Tyrant]

- Best Lines in Horror: “They’re coming to get you Barbara” is still my favorite all time.  [Mandy's Morgue of Horror]

- Sagaki Keita’s Pen and Ink Drawings: Well, that’s pretty trippy.  [Fubiz]

- Awesome James Bond Book Cover Art: Featuring Bond Girls. You’re Welcome.  [Geek Tyrant]

- Geek My Life: It’s like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure” but with a human life.  [Geek My Life]

- Game of Thrones: Broken Down Into Chart Form [Vulture]

- Batman Was Pulled Over In a Lamborghini: But only cause he WANTED to get pulled over.  [Bro Bible]

-  The ‘Daily Show’ Blasts Media Coverage Of The Trayvon Martin Case: We’re a little late on this one, but it’s still worth a watch.  [Uproxx]

- The Miracle Drug That Could Kill All Cancers: Yeah! F–k You Cancer!  [Gizmodo]

- Supporting Characters From the 1990s – Then And Now: Brendan from “Step By Step” is really owning life right now.  [Buzz Feed]

- The Most Nostalgia-Inducing ’80s Toys: Teddy Ruxpin terrifies me.  [Ranker]

- The Muppets – Best of the Swedish Chef: Right up there with Chewbacca among great characters who I can’t understand when they speak.  [Mental Floss]

- Tenacious D Is Back, Get Excited!  [Holy Taco]

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