February 15, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: Lego, Hulk Hands, & HOVERBOARDS!


Toy Fair 2012 wraps up today in the city that never sleeps and from action figures to high-tech toys to creepy Barbies that take photos and then display them on their stomach there’s something for everyone.

Always staying relevant and taking it to the next level is LEGO who debuted a whole bunch of Lord of the Rings activity sets as well as sets for The Avengers and Deadpool.

LEGO’s ninja-themed playset NINJAGO Fire Temple was good enough to win Activity Toy of the Year award but makes me glad I don’t have kids yet when I see the $120 price tag. Yikes!

Perhaps one of the weirdest/coolest/most useless items available this year is the opportunity to pre-order an authentic replica Back to the Future hover board! It does disclaim actual hovering but does allow you to release your inner Marty McFly for what is still an undisclosed price until early March.

It’s not all for kids though as The Walking Dead makes their impact on the Toy Fair with action figures, minimates and the coolest looking dvd case for it’s season two release.

The toy industry is often well-ahead of the movie release schedule which can be a good thing when it comes to GI Joe: Retaliation,

but more of a spoiler when it comes to The Avengers.

It’s too late to get in on this years fun but get your tickets early for Toy Fair 2013 early or face the consequences.

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