Grizzly Links: Ferris Bueller, Marky-Mark, & Rape Vans

Grizzly Links: Ferris Bueller, Marky-Mark, & Rape Vans

- Ferris Bueller & 9 Other Movie Parody Commercials: I had not seen Bing’s ‘The Shining’ commercial prior, I like it.  [Screen Junkies]

- Vanilla Ice Sings ‘Ice, Ice Baby’/’Ninja Rap’ to Hipsters: This is pretty good, and it’s nice to see he has a sense of humor. Plus anything that pokes fun at the Hipster community is cool with me…  [Warming Glow]

- Local News Discovers New 52, Freaks Out: Over react much? Comics haven’t been aimed at little kids in long time…  [Gamma Squad]

- Famous Photogs Pose With Their Most Iconic Images: There are a couple ‘Iconic Images’ I didn’t recognize. Apparently I’m uncultured swine.  [Wired]

– Twitter user @Loraineevk spent what appears to be a lot of time pimping the shit out of this Stallone tribute, so the least I can do it throw it up on the here…

 – GUYISM’s ‘The Many Emotions of Raylan Givens': [Click Here]

 - The 20 Luckiest Shots in Sports History: Damn you Shea Weber!!!  [Bleacher Report]

 – Most Shameless Public Flashers of All Time: Get Chip-wrecked!!!  [Ranker]

 – Reality Television Venn Diagram: Wow. As much TV as I watch, I’m proud to    say I’ve never even heard of most of these…  [The High Definite]

  – SKYRIM Fans: If you liked the ‘Shopping in Real Life’ video we put up, well the guys are back with a sequel, and it’s hilarious.  [YouTube]

  – How To (Mis)Pronounce Every Single NBA Players’ Names: Oh look, it’s Junior Smythe and Cobie Bryant.  [Buzz Feed]

- YouTube User thetoaster2006 gave us one of the best movie supercuts I’ve seen in a while…THE MOVIE MIDDLE FINGERS:

- The 20 Sweetest (Rape)Van Murals: Somone REALLY like ‘The Never Ending Story’…like a lot. [Heavy]

- 10 People Who Time Traveled For Real: They forgot about that time I built a Flux Capacitor and went back to 1974 and saved a young Kurt Russell from being assassinated.  [Tru TV]

-  The Worst MLB All-Stars of all-time: This is painful…  [Hardball Talk]

-  Things would be much different if Mark Wahlberg was there… [The Chive]

Song of the Week:
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