Grizzly Links: Bearmageddon, Dwight Schrute, & Alison Brie

Grizzly Links: Bearmageddon, Dwight Schrute, & Alison Brie

Ok, so we’re pretty behind on these, so you may have already seen some of them, but here they are anyway…

- 5 Epic Battles of Will That Would Not End: Talk about Endurance…  [Cracked]

- 25 Halloween Movies that Aren’t Halloween: At least 2 of these were on our Countdown to Halloween…  [Holy Taco]

- 50 Scariest TV Shows Of All Time: This list had me hitting up my Instant Queue quite a bit. [Complex]

- 5 Online College Courses for Comic Fans: Back to School!!!  [Gamma Squad]

 – Alison Brie Still Adorable: We just love Alison Brie, who also popped up again here.  [Warming Glow]

- Bearmageddon: The name says it all. [Bearmageddon]

- Zach Galifianakis, The Early Years: This guy is my boy, even in 1999.  [PBH2]

All of Bill Murray’s Movies:

- Every Episode of “Full House” Reviewed in Chronological Order: Yep. All of them. Not even I have this kind of time on my hands…  [Full House Reviewed]


- Dogs Don’t Love Julia Roberts: It’s gotta be the size of her mouth… [YouTube]

- The Music from LUTHER: Anyone who has watched the show knows how well the music drives it, here is a list of some of them…  [Yahoo Answers]


<—— This makes me laugh.