August 29, 2011

Grizzly Links: BACK TO THE FUTURE Remake, 80s Pop Culture,…


- Navy Seal’s Dog Stands Guard One Last Time: Just one more reason I will always be more of a dog person.  [Barstool Sports]

- Back to the Future remake? [Awesomeness]

- 25 Sorry Self Picture Fails: Further proof gangstas love Sponge Bob and Twilight.  [Holy Taco]

- DC Earthquake Devastation: The Horror!!!  [jmckinley's posterous]

- Something Foul in the Tigers’ Dugout? Cabrera’s face is priceless.  [CBS Detroit]

- 10 Dumbest Word Pronunciations in Music: Personally, I think we should just change the regularly accepted pronunciation to however Coolio says it…  [Dumb as a Blog]

- Movie Quotes as if Spoken by a Proper Englishman: “My dearest apologies Captain…”  [Slacktory]

- Every Musical Guest That Ever Appeared On ‘The Simpsons’: Oh, look at the has beens…  [Screen Junkies]

- What NFL Team Should You Root For? Other than the Lions of course…  [Flow Chart]

- Things We Forgot About Pop Culture in the 1980′s: How could anyone ever forget Large Marge?  [The Smoking Jacket]

And the ‘Song of the Week': Alice Cooper – “Be My Lover”

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