Grizzly Links: Saul Goodman, Cool Robots, and the Strangest Thing on Craigslist

Grizzly Links: Saul Goodman, Cool Robots, and the Strangest Thing on Craigslist

Hey guys, SupaScoot here. I’m taking over for Doc this week so let’s get started.

- Grizzly Bear Mauls Hiker In Glacier National Park: Proving once again that you don’t want to f–k with Grizzlys [ClickOnDetroit]

- Spider-Man Inappropriate Workout Video: I don’t really know what to say about this one.It made me feel weird on the inside… [thehighdefinite]

- 5K Zombie Obstacle Course: Yes! Now throw in some paintball guns and an American Gladiators eliminator and this could be the greatest thing to do outdoors ever! [Geekologie]

- Craigslist Ejaculate-Infused Liquor: This is just plain weird. Seriously, who would pay $1000 for female stuff mixed with liquor stuff? (My parents never gave me the talk so I don’t really know what this means) [Craigslist]

- Disappointed Dad Batman: Parenting at it’s finest [Burbanked]

- The 5 Most Useless Action Movie Heroines: Very hot, but very inept at their role in life [Uproxx]

- The HULC Makes Soldiers Stronger: The first step in full-on real life Mech warfare [MTV Geek]

- Realistic Superhero Funeral: Exactly what it sounds like. [College Humor]

- Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman, Attorney at Law: This is hilarious! ‘Better Call Saul!’ [BetterCallSaul]

- Female Armor Sucks: Someone had to say it. While showing some skin is a definite strategy, it’s not very… protective. [GeekTyrant]

- 10 Coolest Robots In Pop Culture History: Where the hell is Johnny 5? You can’t have a list of cool robots without Johnny 5!!! [Newsarama]

- Iron Man Xbox 360 Powered By Arc Reactor: Nerd swag for those who love nerd swag. Even comes in a cool Stark Enterprises case! [MTV Geek]

- 24 Photos of Animals Not Giving A F–k: Guarantee you 22 of these animals are cats. I really hate cats… [SuperBooyah]

- 5 Comic Scripts That (Thankfully) Got Buried: If you think you’ve seen some bad comic book movies, then check these out and stop complaining [GammaSquad]

- Letters To an Older Brother: Damian Wayne asks Dick Grayson to come back, but leave Tim Drake behind. If your not a fan of Batman you have no idea what I’m talking about. [GammaSquad]

- If Pixar Made The Rocketeer: The only version of The Rocketeer that I ever want to see again [Gizmodo]

- Millennium Falcon Bass Guitar: Don’t play bass? Learn. Then buy this. [GeekTyrant]

- Norman Rockwell Inspired Geek Pop Art: Well, that pretty much explains everything you need to know about that [GeekTyrant]

- The Ten Best Comic Book Video Games Ever Made: Not a bad list, and you’ll notice there isn’t a single mention of anything related to Superman, because all of his games suck [CBR]

- Cosplay + Cleavage = Gigantic Boob Gallery: Click it. I dare you. [NerdBastards]

6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome: Key word – Almost. best words? Famously Terrible. [Cracked]

- Brazier’s Fractured Art: Cool polygonal art featuring Superman, Batman, and Star Wars [GammaSquad]

- Superman’s 7 Worst Video Games: Here’s the real challenge. Find 2 of Superman’s Good Video Games… [CBR]