Grizzly Links: Jon Stewart, Severus Snape, and Stupid Animals.

Grizzly Links: Jon Stewart, Severus Snape, and Stupid Animals.

- An Official Plea For the Return of WWE Ice Cream Bars: These were, without a doubt, alway my choice from the Ice Cream Truck.  [Big Lead Sports]

 – 10 Most Devastating Jon Stewart Interviews: Democrat or Republican – You gotta love this. [Pop Crunch]

- Craig Ferguson and Kristen Bell Go to Paris: I’m gonna have to make a point to stay up and watch Ferguson that week… [New York Times]

- The Wire’s ‘Omar’ Is Headed to Community: The  Wire’s best character is joining one of TV’s best comedies, looks like a win-win.  [New York Mag]

- The 60 Most Painful Nut Shots in Sports: 60? Really Belacher Report? Couldn’t narrow it down any more? [Bleacher Report]

- Comic-Con 2011: Cosplay Pics: No Zatanna. NO. Man, there are some confident girls here… [UGO]

- 15 Things We Love About ‘The Daily Show': They cover pretty much everything with this.  [AOL]


- 5 Villains That Were Thinly-Veiled Versions of Real People: Oh Snape…  [Cracked]

- Grizzly Attacks 7 Teens in Alaska: Note to Teens – Don’t mess with Bears.  [Reuters]

- Yao Ming: Expectations Vs. Reality: Remember when he was the ‘next big thing’? Yeah, me neither.  [The Smoking Section]

- Peter Dinklage Would Like A Word With You, Internet: Dinklage > You.  [Uproxx]

- Animals With Their Heads Stuck: This is  exactly what it sounds like. [BuzzFeed]

- Hottest Girls in ‘Entourage’ History: Since we’re covering Entourage now, thought I’d include this…  [Bro Bible]