Grizzly Links: Kirk vs. Kirk, Cartman's Deadly Sins, and Simon Phoenix

Grizzly Links: Kirk vs. Kirk, Cartman’s Deadly Sins, and Simon Phoenix

Doc is busy dealing with some Bullshit caused by this week’s scum, so I, SupaScoot, will be filling in with this week’s Grizzly Links. Enjoy.

Pic from the Chive

- 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Batman: Well, I knew, but I’m a complete and total nerd. [OddballDaily]

- Battle of the Kirks. Who Ya Got? Shat vs. Pine, the ultimate arm wrestle. Believe it. [GammaSquad]

- The 25 Greatest Cleavage Moments In Late Night Talk Show History: What? It says ‘In Late Night Talk Show HISTORY’… that means it’s important. [Super Booyah]

- The First Zombie-Proof House: More than likely designed by Burt Gummer, and if you don’t know who that is, I’m not going to tell you. [All That Is Interesting]

- New Greatest Picture of Ron Swanson: I know Doc would like this pic of the hilarious Ron Swanson added, so here ya go. [WarmingGlow]

-Watch Three Guys Purposely Give Themselves Nut Shots and Wedgies: This actually happens. I only ask why? Why would anyone do this? [BroBible]

- Simon Phoenix Talking To Himself: A Demolition Man SuperCut: I never realized how much of the movie he actually spends talking to nobody. [FilmDrunk]

- 50 Simpsons Facts You Might Not Have Known: Okay, so some of these ones I didn’t know… okay most of these ones. [Gunaxin]

- 10 Biggest Rock Myths & Rumors: Myths and Rumors? Facts and REALITY. [truTV]

- ‘Arrested Development’ Hilariously Meets ‘Game of Thrones’ With Arrested Westeros: Yea, that’s just a real money combo right there. [Uproxx]

- The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup After Party: Some call it photos of a good time, others call it evidence. Served up with some Ed Hardy. [Busted Coverage]

- 20 Posters of Badass Mother F#$%ers: Well, that title pretty much says it all. There’s a taste on the side. [theChive]

-Well Done, Internet. Meet ‘Rave party Kevin James': ‘Fat Guy Dancing’ is aslo known as ‘How I pick up chicks’, which is a 50/50 risk… or reward. [FilmDrunk]

- Ha Ha, Its Funny because of Farts: And farts… are funny. At least to this anchorwoman. [WarmingGlow]

- The Seven Deadly Sins of Cartman: This is too good to miss out on. Cartman’s soul is eternally doomed. [Gunaxin]

- This is my (SupaScoot’s) song… well, video of the week: Leather Hands ‘Vertical Lines’ [Atheistgirl’s Mind Scrapings]