Grizzly Links: Conan, Badass Chicks, and Bro Rape.

Grizzly Links: Conan, Badass Chicks, and Bro Rape.

Grizzly Links – This is the time where we share with you stuff we found online and loved, but couldn’t justify devoting an entire article too. It’s also an easy way for me to start the week off on a Monday…

- Tom Haverford Vocab: Here you go ‘Parks and Rec’ fans.  [Tom Haverfoods]

- R.I.P. Conan’s Beard: Will Ferrell shows up on Conan to shave off O’Brien’s beard.  [Warming Glow]

- Most Wasted Driver Ever: Guy will definitely pass the sobriety test…  [Gorilla Mask]

- Man High On Bath Salts Kills Neighbor’s Pet Goat While Wearing Bra And Panties: How can I top that headline?  [Buzz Feed]

- I grew up in the 90’s…   [Things 90’s Kids Realize]

- Great Characters in Television: Firefly: I simply can not get enough of this show. Stupid everyone for letting it get canned…  [Wozzy’s World]

- STAR WARS Blu-Ray – Buy or Boycott?  New set will not include the theatrical cuts. I guess Lucas hates the purists..  [The Nerd Signal]

- Comic Book Characters Punching Hitler: That Mickey Mouse is one badass mother…  [Unreality]

- The Ten Best Neo-Noir Movies of All-Time: This list is just about perfect. [AMC]

- 25 People Who Are Way Cooler Than You: Can’t argue these…  [Super Booyah]

- Greatest Contributions ‘South Park’ Has Made To The English Language:  Damn Goobacks!!! [MTV]

- The 20 Awesomest Midgets:  #8 is Midget Mac. Rick, you my Midget Mac.  [Heavy]

- Top 50 Worst Chokes in Sports History: Oh, Hello 2009 Detroit Tigers.  [Bleacher Report]

- Top Ten Badass Chicks in Movies: This list is extremely flawed. My biggest problem WAS Halle Berry’s inclusion, but I would’ve forgiven it since she was at #9. And the rest of the list was ok till I got to the top. #2 was right on, but the one I assumed would be #1 ended up not being on the list at all. Disgrace. [Ask Men]

And finally, since some people still have not seen this, Community‘s Donald Glover and SNL’s Bobby Moynihan before they got picked up by NBC. Now, in all it’s glory: BRO RAPE.