April 4, 2011

Grizzly Links: Stephen Colbert, David Lynch, The Simpsons, & a…


Grizzly Links – This is the time where we share with you stuff we found online and loved, but couldn’t justify devoting an entire article too. It’s also an easy way for me to start the week off on a Monday… 

- Stephen Colbert performs “Friday”: This would’ve been a fun show to be at.

- T-Shirt of the Week: The Detroit Lions – Tecmo Bowl Champions

- Lost Highway: Last night’s premier of The Killing had me in David Lynch/Twin Peaks kind of mood, so this is for the Lynch fans out there.

- Webcam Chick needs new curtains – Fail.

- 10 Incredibly Badass Batman Comic Moments

- 10 Cartoon Theme Songs in Foreign Languages

- 15 Amazing Works of Dave MacDowell: Like the one to the left…

- Superman, He-Man and Sasha Grey Kick it in the Art of Steve Seeley: There are some ‘WTF” moments in here…

- Midget In A Gorilla Costume Gets Drop Kicked: If you don’t click this link you’re not my friend.

- Make your own Magneto Helmet : This guy is my boy.

- 11 Answers To the Biggest Mysteries In Songs and Lyrics: I didn’t know James Taylor was a junkie…

- The Best of Hans Moleman: There you go Simpsons Fans Everyone.

- ‘Archer’ Reference of the Week: Pam is hilarious.

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