March 21, 2011

Grizzly Links: Disney, Charlie Sheen, Christopher Walken, and FRIDAY

A Donald Duck

Grizzly Links – This is the time where we share with you stuff we found online and loved, but couldn’t justify devoting an entire article too. It’s also an easy way for me to start the week off on a Monday…

First off – the Discovery of Christopher Walken.

Well that was sweet, now that we’re moving, the video that swept the web last week:

- Laugh Death in the Face With These Hilarious Tombstones – “I told you I was sick”

- Great Comics That Never Happened – Batman and Alex Trebek in FINAL JEOPARDY! Anybody?

Back to the Future, Batman, Mr. T, Alien, The Flash
- BREAKING NEWS – Andrew Dice Clay still alive!! Here the ‘Dice Man’ talks about Charlie Sheen…

- Super Friends PSAs: Wonder Woman was the ambassador of banality.

- 41 Riotous “Rock Star” Yearbook Photos: Looking good Scott Weiland!

I know St. Patty’s was last week, but this video is just classic. This is dedicated to my friends in ‘Bama…

- Ten Examples of Bears Being Awesome: Aren’t bears ALWAYS awesome?

And finally, my friend Val said it best: “Today is a Nina Simone kind of day.”

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