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We’ve Moved! The GB Staff is now at!

Posted  March 29, 2014  by  Scott Fraser

If any of our devoted readers have been curious as to why there hasn’t been much in the way of new posts on Grizzly Bomb, it’s because our entire editing staff has moved! We tried to keep GB operational for as long as we could, because we all hold this site very close to our […]

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ITGS - Alex House
Inside the Grizzly Studio

ITGS: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil’s Alex House

Posted  March 7, 2012  by  Scott Fraser

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! I’ve made no secret of my love for Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, one of the best Canadian shows in a long time. The second season recently finished airing on SPACE in Canada, and will air on FEARnet soon. I urge you all to check it out, and prepare to have […]

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TV Reviews

Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: Episode 1 – “Behind Locked Doors” Review

Posted  June 1, 2011  by  Brian Kronner

A few weeks ago I told you about a new show on Cinemax called Femme Fatales:  Preview: Cinemax’s ‘Femme Fatales’ Well that show is out now, and it’s about to join the ranks of those we review weekly. The show is a collection of noir-style stories about dangerous women and the web of lies they […]

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reaper banner
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon: Reaper

Posted  May 3, 2011  by  Scott Fraser

2007-2009 – 2 Seasons of hilarity, action, brohood, romance and the Devil…   We are here today to remember some of our favorite television shows that were taken from us long before they were ready to go. At least, long before I was ready to let them go. And unfortunately, that seems to be the […]

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Movie News & Opinions

A Retrospective on SCREAM: How it changed the Genre and what to Expect from ‘Scream 4′

Posted  April 12, 2011  by  Brian Kronner

You have to think about the landscape of the horror genre in 1996. Several years removed from its last smash hit and fading, Horror fans wanted a reason to go to the theater. The genre was in trouble, and the most successful horror movies of the decade to that point were Silence of the Lambs, […]

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Raylan Givens
Pop Culture News & Opinions

Justified: A Beacon of Modern Masculinity

Posted  February 11, 2011  by  Brian Kronner

I’ve certainly spent a lot of time the last couple of years talking about the loss of masculinity in American Pop Culture. In a time where we are inundated with pop singers and Disney kids primed as tomorrow’s only action stars, it makes it hard not to look back at yesteryear and wonder what’s gone […]

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